''The use of cereal fillers is a British custom stemming from the first and second World Wars, when meat shortages led to breadcrumbs and flour being added. There are currently 14 non-compliant butchers on the NSW Food Authority name-and-shame list for excessive sulphites in sausages. The Woolworths-owned Macro Free Range chicken sausages contained 5.4g of fat and 480mg of sodium per 100g, but also had many processed ingredients. ''To pick a quality sausage you should be able to see the mixture of lean meat and fat through the casing. We found that Peppercorn Extra Lean Chicken Sausages fit the bill for a healthier snag, with 90% chicken, 8g fat (3g sat) and 450mg sodium per 100g. The more fat in your pan, the less fat you end up eating.” Don’t pierce a sausage in the pan, as all the juices and flavour will leak out, and always cook over a medium heat or the sausage skin may split. When choosing a healthier sausage, Golley recommends one with: We searched around for a healthier sausage during our investigation in July 2013, and it proved a challenge. In each state, we spoke to butchers who said council inspectors visit their premises randomly every three to six months, although a wholesaler in Tasmania said she sent her own samples for testing rather than having random audits. Least favourite: Coles Country Style Beef Sausages – “fatty, tough, processed”. Built by Embark. George Papanicolaou, from Dulwich Hill Gourmet Meats in Sydney, agrees. This is not to say that you cannot purchase the ground meat at the grocery store or have the butcher grind selected meats for you, but it does take away from the experience in my opinion. The sausages we tested were: We didn't sample sausages from IGA supermarkets, as they often source sausages from local butchers rather than offering a standard range across stores. Price can be an indication of quality. We at CHOICE acknowledge the Gadigal people, the traditional custodians of this land on which we work, and pay our respects to the First Nations people of this country. We looked at more than 50 supermarket sausages and found fat content ranging from 3.8g (1.4g sat fat) to 18.4g (9.1g sat fat) per 100g. According to the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce, sulphur dioxide is not a permitted additive in organic meat products. Due to the link between processed meat, red meat and colorectal cancer, the Cancer Council advises limiting or avoiding processed meats such as sausages, frankfurts, salami, bacon and ham. beef organic sausages from an independent butchery. We investigate what you'll find in a sausage today, bought from the supermarket, and from a shopping centre, gourmet, or organic butcher. It seems that sausage preference is hugely subjective, and people’s perception of salt and fat varies widely from the actual amounts in the sausages. The organic sausages we bought from the butcher for testing featured the logo of organic certifier OFC (Organic Food Chain) on the label. Andre Leu, president of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, believes organic certification should be brought under a national regulatory system such as in the US, the EU, India and China, where organic claims must comply with one overarching, legally enforceable standard. Food authorities also test sausages if they receive a complaint. Times have changed, but have sausages? Consumers often choose organic because they're happy to pay a premium for foods with no or fewer chemicals – so we were concerned to find that of all the sausages we tested, the certified organic sausage had the second-highest level of sulphur dioxide (220) with 325mg per kilogram. Finely ground, dense sausages could also be hiding poor-quality meat, an excess of binders, or more water than is necessary. CHOICE supports the First Nations people's Uluru Statement from the Heart. ''A traditional sausage is meat, fat and seasoning in a natural casing which is made from intestines,'' says Romeo Baudouin, head chef at Victor Churchill butchers in Woollahra, Sydney. For consumers concerned about undisclosed offal; despite the usual myths about eyes and innards, your sausage is most likely offal-free. Thank you {% member.data['first-name'] %}.Your comment has been submitted. To share your thoughts or ask a question, visit the CHOICE Community forum. However it will often contain less breadcumbs than commercial sausages and the texture is usually coarser than the texture of a regular banger-style sausage. However, under the current regulatory system, if companies don’t comply with the standards there is no legal redress - although the ACCC will investigate complaints. Meanwhile, Riverine Beef Sausages with Feta had 78% beef, 8.2g fat and 640mg sodium per sausage. The system isn't fool-proof and regulations vary in each state. We hosted a sausage sizzle in the CHOICE kitchen and 11 hungry staff members did an informal blind taste test of the six sausage varieties. That practice continues today as people got used to the taste – it also requires less meat, making them cheaper to produce.''. The sausage with the highest lean meat content and lowest fat levels was the organic, but it was the most expensive at $21.99/kg, and had the second-highest sulphur dioxide levels. When you cook it, the skin shouldn’t shrink and peel away. And, in any case, offal is generally stripped out of the carcass before it’s delivered to butchers. One meat industry insider pointed out that offal fetches good prices in overseas markets, so it’s not cost-effective to waste it in sausages here in Australia. Sodium content ranged from 410mg per 100g to 868mg. If you see ''meat'' in the ingredients list, the product may contain ''the whole or part of the carcass of any buffalo, camel, cattle, deer, goat, hare, pig, poultry, rabbit or sheep, slaughtered other than in a wild state”. ", ''Fat is essential for a tasty sausage,'' says Baudouin. We found a variety of intriguing additives on ingredients lists that add flavour and colour while keeping costs down for manufacturers. “A natural casing will not be shiny, and you should barely be able to see it. These artificial casings are cheaper and come in convenient, uniform sizes. Fresh Ground Pork. ''A traditional sausage is meat, fat and seasoning in a natural casing which is made from intestines,'' says Romeo Baudouin, head chef at Victor Churchill butchers in Woollahra, Sydney. The only organic product it's permitted in is wine. The casing should be married to the meat and keep the sausage moist. It is also a key ingredient for Nigella's Mini Meatloaves (from NIGELLA EXPRESS). There is no such thing as sausage mince, it is called sausage meat. For example, in order to work out the lean meat content of Welsh Dragon sausages, you'd firstly have to look at whether there is any other ingredient containing fat in the ingredients list. Asked by Graceha. Italian-style sausages are often a good substitute. Natural casings are made from animal intestines, and collagen casings are made from industrially-processed protein, usually made from beef or pig hides.

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