}; Does the Vole Make a Good Pet. Voles have reddish brown and black bodies with a gray underside. They are trained in mouse control and will have access to a range of professional use rodenticides which are not available to the public. Leaving these in the open can result in primary and secondary poisoning of non target animals, such as birds scavenging on the carcass. $img.css('display', 'none').after($canvas); img = new Image, In comparison, a field mouse has sandy brown fur with a lighter underside. Like the other species of mice, wood mice have large ears, eyes and long tails. Hold a cardboard box upside down and place it over each trap. $(img).on('load', function(){ release(); }); Stay up to date with the British pest management sector and join our free Affiliate Scheme. They are beautiful animals with golden fur and large eyes typical of nocturnal species. A BPCA member company will be able to treat infestations quickly and safely. Use a cardboard box that is large enough to allow the trap to properly work underneath. $canvas.remove(); Proofing all means of entry as much as possible will help to prevent an infestation. Like moles, shrews and mice, voles pose their own unique pest issues. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Even if you mistake house mice for voles, you can use the same trapping method to remove both types of rodents. var $img = $(this); That is the responsible and humane way to catch and release. House mice, which look like voles, are more likely to invade homes. They are usually only found in grassland habitats such as mature meadows. $img.css('display', ''); A good view would allow the observer to pick out the thick furry tail which separates these from other UK rodents (apart from the large grey edible dormouse (Glis glis). Electric cables, water and gas pipes, packaging and woodwork may all be seriously damaged by mice - many instances of electrical fires and floods have been attributed to them. 1. Brown rats followed black rats to the UK around 300 years ago. Voles prefer eating plant materials and generally don't do well indoors. You would be very lucky to see a harvest mouse out during the day and in the open. Another notable feature is the dark dorsal stripe down the back which is lacking in voles and house mice. if (this.width == 'auto' || this.height == 'auto' || !$img.is(':visible')) { $(img).on('load', function(){ release(); }); Use peanut butter as bait to catch a MOUSE. All images on the site are subject to copywriter and may not be copied or reproduced without written permission. // get the images of the gallery and replace it by a canvas of the same size to fix the problem with overlapping images on load. We audit all our members to the British and European Standard for Pest Management, BS EN 16636. The wood mouse also has a slightly larger cousin the yellow necked mouse (Apodemus flavicollis). }); They will often venture into gardens in search of easy pickings and will even come into buildings if food is available. Although it is not recommended to tackle these pests yourself, if you decide to give it a go then you must take all necessary precautions to ensure you do not cause collateral damage or suffer personal injury. return; Also known as field mice, voles usually invade the yard and damage vegetation. The most reliable place to see these little characters is the London underground! If conditions are suitable this can be one of our commonest small mammals and an important food for birds of prey, owls and foxes. The ears barely extend beyond the fur and the tail is barely a third of the length of the body. Active all year round, mice are one of the most common pest species in the UK. })(jQuery); (function($){ You may catch mice if baited with nutty chocolate, raisins or similar attractive food and placed close to signs of mouse activity. Mice only need a gap of 5mm to gain entry (roughly the diameter of the eraser end of a pencil). Knowing how much, where, and when to deploy products is where professionals are able to take control of situations efficiently. They weigh less than 25g, and their fur colour is uniformly light brown and grey, right down to the tail which has sparse hairs on it. })(jQuery); (function($){ } }); // get the images of the gallery and replace it by a canvas of the same size to fix the problem with overlapping images on load. release = function() { }; $('img[width][height]:not(.wk-overlay-panel)', $('#wk-grid4b7')).each(function() { Edriaan Koening began writing professionally in 2005, while studying toward her Bachelor of Arts in media and communications at the University of Melbourne. var $canvas = $('').attr({width:$img.attr('width'), height:$img.attr('height')}), They are similar in size to a wood mouse but with far less pronounced ears and eyes. Frequenting gardens, where they scavenge from compost heaps and bird feeders, they are rarely welcome. } You will need to search for any potential entry points and seal these up with wire wool embedded in quick-setting cement. A vole has a shorter tail and larger eyes than a mouse. var $img = $(this); release = function(){}; An alternative to using poisons are break-back traps. Set conventional or live mousetraps along the walls, then cross your fingers. Rats do swim and even dive but a good view would show the large ears and body length tail. These rodents are wild animals, and do not become accustomed to living in human care like domesticated animals are. Salmon, et al. The best outcome for you and the vole, however, is for the little varmint to vamoose through the door you left open. Also known as field mice, voles usually invade the yard and damage vegetation. $('img[width][height]:not(.wk-overlay-panel)', $('#wk-grid06e')).each(function() { var $img = $(this); They have a reddy brown fur above and pale underneath but the difference is less marked than in wood mice. Choose a grassy area away from residential buildings to release the voles so they won't become a problem for other homeowners. release = function(){}; $(img).on('load', function(){ release(); }); Koening also holds a Master of Commerce in funds management and accounting from the University of New South Wales. It also has a shorter tail and smaller ears. Remaining water voles can be found in lakes, rivers and canals where marginal vegetation allows them to thrive. University of California Davis; Voles; T.P. $(img).on('load', function(){ release(); });

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