While Splinter first thought she was an "atomic child", she was actually once part of an ancient race of humanoid foxes living on a hidden island off the coast of Japan. Michelangelo threatened Pizza Face to free his victims or else. Stone Hedgehog is a mutant hedgehog and a member of the Conservation Corps with rocky skin who can sling rocks. Joey Lastic is an elastic member of the Justice Force. As a snapping turtle and gray wolf abducted from the Bronx Zoo by the Foot Clan, Tokka and Rahzar were mutated into more intelligent humanoid forms by kidnapped TCRI professor Jordan Perry under Shredder's orders, but during the process, Perry secretly altered the mutagen with the DNA of human children. He sadly informs the Turtles that April was taken to Shredder to force Splinter to come to him, and that April is inside the Technodrome for her inherent mental energies to be used for Kraang Prime's conquest for Earth. In the IDW comics, Stockman is the head of the StockGen company that created the Turtles and Splinter, who was tasked by Krang to experiment on mutagen. Darius Dun is one of the main villains of Fast Forward in the 2003 series and later a minor villain in the IDW comics. Renet makes a third appearance saving the Turtles from Romero's demonic bride, Juliet Romero. In the IDW comics, Darius Dun is the financier and benefactor of the Street Phantoms. Later, April, along with Casey, Splinter, and the Turtles arrive to stay there after fleeing New York from the Foot. Sky Shark is a mutant blue shark and a member of the Conservation Corps who is capable of flight. He was an integral part of a mission to reclaim Leonardo from the Foot Clan, and developed a strong antipathy towards Hun, whom he knew as the "Dragon Man." The Ninja Turtles saved, and after being convinced by Michelangelo to take him back to their lair to be nursed back to health, the other three Turtles went out to find the power cell. As Jack Finney, a human marine biologist who worked the Boroughs Aquarium in New Jersey, he was scuba-diving into a pipe on Bayview Beach one night when a barrel of mutagen was accidentally spilled into the pipe by Bebop and Rocksteady, polluting the water and washing him into the river. In later issues Shredder was brought back to life as clone made up of worms. In the 1987 cartoon, Mona (voiced by Pat Musick) was a human girl trying to get a college degree in biology, who was kidnapped on a fishing trip and forced to work as an assistant to a pirate named Captain Filch when he attacked her boat. Cudly the Transdimensional Cowlick is a giant cowhead with the ability to telport and is an ally of the turtles. Blinded by jealously and hatred, Yukio had ruthlessly murdered Tang Shen in cold blood. In the 1987 cartoon, Leatherhead (voiced by Jim Cummings) was a giant American alligator living in the Everglades who swam in a part of his swamp that was polluted with mutagen by Shredder and Krang, and mutated into his current mutant form. In his later appearances, he had the appearance of a mutant lizard. Hothead was created by Ryan Brown. On meeting with the Turtles to discuss the possibility of revealing the locations of the black hole generators components to them, Bishop and the others reveal the history of their race: their small group is all that remains free of Kraang Prime's mind control, Kraang having once been an Utrom scientist who mutated himself and enslaved the rest of their species. In the 2012 cartoon, Casey (voiced by Josh Peck) is the teenage son of a former NHL player at April's school who April was assigned to tutor for a school assignment, and eventually became something more than friends, much to Donatello's jealousy. This eventually got Renet and the Turtles to lose the scepter to Savanti, but after a series of conflicts, they recovered it. However, Tang Shen intervened to defend her husband; a fatal decision, as the final blow meant for Yoshi had struck her instead. In 1992 Playmates Toys released an action figure of the Warrior Dragon renamed Hothead and cast in red plastic. She and Raphael met when Filch was holding a yacht full of people hostage and teamed together to stop him. As Casey was seriously injured by the Shredder in the course of his adventures with his new family and Arnold found out about it, he came to the new found concern for his son and was finally brought back to his senses. When he was exposed to mutagen, he dissolved into a 6 ft. mutant blob of mutagen with floating organs and a disintegrating touch that was the result of having not coming in contact with any animal or plant. He leads a human street gang. In the prequel episode "Lone Rat and Cub" Tang Shen was seen in the black-and-white picture of her next to her husband, holding their baby daughter between them. When Leatherhead and the Turtles approached him for help with a mutated Donatello, Bishop agreed to devote his resources to the task if the Turtles would recover the crystal for him. Later, Mutagen Man was given the name "Seymour Guts" by Mondo Gecko. 1. Lin is a female member of the Foot Clan in the Mirage comics. She cuts off Tiger Claw's tail and wears it around her waist as a trophy. In the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Muckman Messes Up," Joe Eyeball (voiced by Rob Paulsen impersonating Art Carney) started out as a garbage man named Joe Junkee. He eventually succeeded, but was defeated-and then deleted-by the Turtles and their allies. Later on, Ray continued to help the Turtles on occasional missions and was recruited as a member of the Mighty Mutanimals. The Punk Frogs are a group of mutant frogs who are the counterparts of the Ninja Turtles. This leads to her transporting herself and the Turtles back to the medieval age to which Savanti Romero was banished, which resulted in the loss of the Time Scepter to Ultimate Drako, the fused form of the Ultimate Ninja and Drako. Scumbug is a mutant cockroach. In the IDW comics, Hamato Yoshi was a member of the Foot Clan until he defected to start his own clan, the Hamato Clan, with him as the Hamato's jonin (leader), upon learning of Shredder's true intentions.

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