IT CRANKS BUT WONT TURN ALL THE WAY ON!! I need your help my car has a prestige alarm (APS25C) and the remote control (ELVATJA) I do these steps an it works but when I push the unlock button the doors don’t unlock. i HAVE THE 5BCR07P MODEL i’M GETTING THE HOOD & TRUNK LIGHT FLASHING BUT WHEN I TRY TO REMOTE START CAR IT SHOW INHIBITED AND CAR WON’T START ANY ADVICE i HAVE THE BLACK MODEL TRANSMITTER ABOUT 6 YEARS OLD? Turn the ignition ON then OFF. Im having a difficult time orogramming my remote start. No one is impressed. I’m installing the prestige aps596z on my 2007 Dodge ram. (Siren emits 1 short chirp indicating channel 1 has been entered) Prestige screen shows the hood and trunk as open but they are not.Once the alarm is set it goes off after 30 seconds.Does anyone know how to clear this mistake? Great video and very helpful! Press it once to program the car Step 3. Where on the cpu does it leave out of. will flash one time, and the siren will chirp one time, indicating the system is ready to accept programming for receiver. Lock and unlock works fine but remote start doesn’t to work at all. It is considerably easier to just press the TC Reset button on the remote if you need to reset the time code. I have this same remote start system and when i attempt to use my remote start button my truck wont turn on! i open door down press the ignite on for 15second. God Bless You.Worked like a charm.Programmed both fobs like you said.Thank God for your post.Many thanks.Jim. Obviously I’m a girl lol and can’t believe this happ but I was given one of these when I bought my 2011 Toyota Corolla. Press and hold the trunk/key symbol button of the transmitter you wish to program for 4 seconds or until a long chirp is heard from the siren. It use to work perfectly. any idea how to do this for a Barracuda keyless entry fob? I changed the battery but I’m lost with trying to program it. Can you help me? Any help much appreciated. Programming Your Custom Override Code for the System: Unlike override switches easily found, and defeated, this security system allows the consumer to program a personal override code, offering a higher level of security. 2. I also have a preinstalled alarm in my car: What remote do I need to buy and any suggestion where to get it? In the meantime, how can I disable my alarm system? I can get the first channel in but when i press the valet after that nothing happens. Within 10 seconds, Press and release the valet/ program switch three times. Car alarm programming is a task that doesn’t require a mechanic, only a little knowledge of programming basics and some time. Hey this video didnt even show how to get it in vibrate what the 24 hour clock on there is nothing my dad pressed a whole bunch of stuff on his remote and I cant get it back to factory. Click on "Watch later" to put videos here. Could you confirm?FCC ID: ELVAR5CMODEL:PRO9642. I can call you because I live in other country. I can pull the underdash alarm fuse and the battery is good f read more. “Repeat step 8 for each transmitter you wish to program”. Shut off the vehicle using the keychain transmitter by pressing and releasing the second channel transmitter button 2 times. Since I’m able to do that, I figure that there isn’t a problem with the antenna itself. am trying to program codefcc goh-4bl98 same remote of this number i was using before chevrolet van. Bought a used remote myself and tried this and it worked PERFECTLY! I purchase a 5bcr10 to replace my old one 5bcro7 are they compatible? It’s annoying and hazardous as it confuses other drivers (who think I’m beeping my horn). Man I’m really confused. My friend used the car and pressed the lock and unlock button together trying to remote start my keep and then this happened… help! Hi, I bought a replacement remote after I dropped my original in water. I’m looking to reprogram it since then but unsuccessfully. I wish this idiot would just get to the point. I have the prestige aps2k4ms, it will unlock and lock my truck but won’t start when I push the green button. 3. After plugging back in, I got lock/unlock to work but no remote start. You own a professional shop. I have the second remote u do I program the run time that after I start the car with‘s showing 20 mins but I want too make it 10or15 mins. Shut off the vehicle using the keychain transmitter by pressing and releasing the second channel transmitter button 2 times. 4 channel remote car starter with full feature alarm system (66 pages) Quick Reference: System Programming & Diagnostics Silent Arm and Disarm Program the Prestige system to arm and disarm without notification beeps. Hi. Hey can u set this alarm to only beep when u lock it? If you could help me out, I’d appreciate it, hi. Get on with the installation. To take advantage of this option, programmable … I unplugged it and now I can start the car, but how can I get the alarm off so I can finally program the remotes? Press and release the valet push button switch one time to. This means that do-it-yourself alarm programming can save you a lot of money which would have otherwise gone to a mechanic, and you will have a better understanding of auto safety for having programmed the alarm yourself. Nice video put together.i had my 01 suburban parked for about a month,batt died,jumped it & no problem at remote prestige does not remote start,I guess due to long dead batt.can you share how to reprogram or reset it in order start it with remote.thanxs, I bought a 2004 Toyota Camry and it came with a FCC ID ELVATOH APS2K4MS Remote start but I’m having a hard time trying to get it to work. I don’t have a remote for it an need one. The alarm works if door ACR door B is open. Required fields are marked *. Got new three button key pad. i just wrong programming my alarm, audiovox prestige platinum apm133. I have a prestige alarm aps997a my control broke. i ran the battery dead and jumped it with a jump box that was about dead and every since them my envoy will start 3 times and stall when i use the remote start. Hey Hec i just got this alarm today.I wanted to get the window addon for it and the shop owner said it was a bad idea.He said he had a few customers complain about randomly finding thier windows down.Have you heard of any such thing? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME, Do you guys know where i can a replacement battery cap? Within 10 seconds of step 2, activate the RF start command two times. The volume on my remote has stopped and I’m not sure if I hit something that muted it. Hi my name is Andrew and I have a prestige elvatga car alarm system and it works OK but when I disarm my alarm it won’t unlock the doors do you know what could be wrong with it. Theres an orange wire on the supplied harness that goes to the “starter kill/ anti grind relay”. Lost remote and alarm will not stop and my truck will not start. I have a car amplifier question for you I figured I’d try to ask you through one of your most recent uploaded videos I know this doesn’t pertain to this video I have a 4-channel car amplifier channels 1 2 and 4 work great channel 3 is scratchy I’m swamped RCA’s and speakers to make sure it wasn’t one of them for the head unit it is narrow down to channel 3 only playing with the gain or the crossover switches or anything like that does not make any difference is there any way to test the positive and negative on just that channel to narrow it down some more or does it need to be opened up from here, Hello dearI have aps2k4 sae800-225-6074I need your help pleaseWhen I press open I listen the siren.I need open my car and not listen the sound.How I can program to muted.Thanks. But also on my trucks factory harness, it has a yellow/gray wire that says it’s the starter kill wire, which I followed and it’s the one that goes to my starter. I may replacing a Prestige Pursuit remote soon (PRO-OE3B4) with an aftermarket model most likely as Audiovox wants $69 for an OEM replacement, ouch! I have the same system i want only the unlock and lock on my car how do i do that can you make a video on that? Had to open my car manually, which set off the alarm and it wouldn’t turn off after I started it. Step 2. I cannot find the toggle switch. Enter your car with your key FOB, and leave the driver’s side door open. Now how do I program with alarm active. please help, I have a pre installed alarm in my car. Hey man I have a Pursuit Pro9644a and it was working fine but now every time I press the lock button it wouldn’t make a sound. its in valet, open the door (leave the key off) hit the button on the glass antenna and it’ll come back on again. The alarm was on my truck before I bought it, so I’m not sure if its just set up differently. Hi! I have a APS-997c on a 2002 tahoe do all the doors have to unlock at the same time, or can it be set up 2 unlock the driver side door 1’st an then the rest? Unfortunately when that remote was discontinued they said I’d have to buy a whole new remote start system. my remote was damaged and dont really know the model remote can i purchase a similar one online and reprogram with my prestige starter alarm need help???? Besides the trunk opening even when I’m driving, the doors lock and unlock by themselves.

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