I broke my ankle and was in the hospital for 5 weeks including re hap I could not return to my town house and had to move as I can no longer do steps. I had definitely parked in a spot that was not reserved with no signs indicating visitor parking was not allowed; and my friends were pretty sure that when they signed the lease there were no parking restriction in non-reserved visitor spaces. I think my husband tells me lies! Today I won the case in traffic violation court - judge stated that tiket is dismmised. He came out to load the car and it was gone. Good luck. I had to pay 400$ to get my car back. It took them 13 months to reimburse me. So if registration is expired then it don’t matter, you were parked illegally. I borrowed the money from a friend, went to the impound yard, and got my car back within one hour. I asked where my car was and management told me they did not no they did not have any cars towed that they were calling people and knocking on doors after calling Tustin police I was told my car was towed along with many many others from that same property which is walnut east apartments owed by Arnel property management . However, I had legal sticker from building complex which it allows us to park. But then he said yes it’s signed and I can send it to you right now. “Once a towing company has a vehicle, they impound the vehicle and refuse to release it until a *desired* [sic] fee is paid. Property mgr. Now after 4 months, i ask him again what he knows about that car and he just told me it was ” boom”. So does that mean that anytime after these four days , like six or ten months later , my car can be towed for that sticker ? That is suppose to be, I can feel your pain. I parked in a spot where there was NOT this sign, but was towed away. I have a really difficult situation. My daughter’s car was towed from my aparment complex and when she called to see why they towed it, they said that because she was parked in reserve parking, that was a lie because where she was parked there was no t a reserved parking then they tried to say because she didnt have a parking permit. Legal rights and local laws: Most states have towing laws that are supported by the auto insurance industry as well as consumer and government groups to prevent increased insurance costs due to negligent towing by towing operators, protect vehicle owners from abusive practices, and to help regulate towing companies. This is a low income HuD complex. Yikes sorry to hear that First thing you should do is call your HOA and tell them what happened. I can fell your pain. I spoke to them as well and they told me they had nothing to do with it. That’s $500. All states require a vehicle parked on private or public property to be registered, unless parked at a storage facility, If the complex called them then your fight is with the complex. I had to pay $250. They do not care if you parked legally because someone at the complex could not park in the space that more than likely belonged to them and called to request their services. He would give me one answer then another so I knew he had to be lying. So after venting for a few days, I decided to look at my state’s towing laws, what rights I had and what people in situations similar to mine had done. Upon reviewing the HOA By Laws, I discovered that the By Laws only pertains to the use of the Association Property and not my Personal Property. My Car Was Illegally Towed – How Do I Get My Towing Charge Back. The battery cable isn’t getting power through it. The tow company said it was authorized by apt manager. They charge us 10% for being late on our association fees Can I charge them the same 10%for being late on my reimbursement? On top of that i asked thoes that manage each store and no one called to have any cars towed. So I got stranded one more final time losteverythinc in a matter of moments my shelter my car all of my belongings that Inhad picked up from my srorage. My parking tag had fallen down. My car is Registered with my complex. They said it was possibly blocking the way for emergency vehicles. The exact radius depends on the size of the County where the vehicle was removed. Manager told me my car tow away.Here is complex and my driver licence shows that I live this address .I had to get sticker but they send last year which is I I have to fill it out and send back last year i did not but later they did not send any paper to fill it out and send them back.And I called the company I tried to tell them,they did not send any paper since last year but they did not listen to me.I believe that it is not fair because I live there but they can tow away my car.Finally I paid$250 and I got my car from vito’s towing.Worst part is that I am unemployment.Can someone help me please to get my money back. So when we told them where she was parked she should not have been towed. With careful documentation, a calm head, and a plan, you stand a good chance of winning your case. Every time I hear the world “mislead”, I think lawsuit. I recently visited some friends for dinner at their new apartment in a large 300 unit complex. I asked him why he needs the DL, just because of this he got really mad and starting using abusive language. File in small claims if they are wrong prove it and ask for four times what you paid out u0 to what your small claim court allows up to. These people come in the middle of the night, and stole my cars, I had to go and pay them $320 + $35 storage fee. I think what you’re doing is great. 2 months later sounds way too long. Gone the alarm of my car sounds couple times now I got a note from a neighbor I’m. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house Rob. Apartment managers must also display proper signage at entrances are around parking areas giving certain notifying information to vehicle owners about parking restrictions, maximum allowed fees for towing and storage. Driver did unnecessary drama and caused mental harassment to us. You could see my car was covered in dust and there was a fresh foot print smudged clean right were the looser kicked my Mustang GT. I was assigned a parking spot #136 but the company uses that floor for valet so told me I can park anywhere where it says resident parking. personnel) called and had my car towed. Not once had the apartment complex placed a yellow, green or orange sticker anywhere on my vehicle. Do I have to still pay the towing fee? However, there are three situations where police can impound a vehicle: Car was Involved in a Crime: If the car was involved in a crime, police can justify impounding it. I applied in October and got a letter of determination...I sent in my 1099, but haven't received nothing, what is…, Praying that you get through for you and your family, email your state senator and also go on your department of Labor website and go to the Regional map and…, i called , then she said to email her and that same day she’ll get you someone at the gdol…. Last night I was parked in the shopping/restaurant center where there is an apartment complex. Since my car was still in the parking and I was there, I was requesting the release. Permission to leave it there indefinitely should have been obtained in writing for just this situation. Can they waive the tow fee of $122.50 since I am picking it up within 24 hours. I’m being very carful as to how I fight. It had been parked maybe 17 hours and it was a legal resident spot, not posted as DONT PARK HERE WITH EXPIRED TAGS, and no little stickers were attached to my vehicle indicating a tow was going to happen. did you get a reply on this. She talked to the landlord so they would have told her if she was wrong. After greeting me he suggested that I put the guest parking pass in my car. They had it for less than 10 hours. I agree, grammar is important in blogs like these. you do nothing, one time I tried to sue them. However, don’t expect the police department to be much of an ally since this is a pretty minor item in their eyes and they have much more of a relationship with the towing company operators, than with you.

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