However, only the "Music" and "Voices" for the characters, Assist Trophies and Pokémon are available, despite it being called "Sounds". The Sound Test as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It was reserved for Sheik, who ended up sharing the level (and character) with Zelda. Master/Crazy Hand's Laser Nail; has 3 variations, chosen at random, Master/Crazy Hand's Jetstream when it passes the stage, Master/Crazy Hand begins his Finger Drill, Master/Crazy Hand's Finger/Spider Walk; has 2 variations, alternating with each "step", Explosion effect for Master/Crazy Hand's Death, Background effect for Master Hand's death, Crazy Hand's zapping effects; has 4 variations, chosen at random, Splashing effect played when a character falls off the track and into the water, Sound played when the player is hit by a machine, Sound used in the intro cutscene to the Grand Prix stage when one of the machines get destroyed, Various ambiances played throughout the credits sequence, Sounds played when a sign or other object is passed, Sound played when a sign with a logo is hit, Sound played when the hitcount is displayed. 〇 is commonly used as placeholder in Japanese. To unlock the Battlefield stage, complete the All-Star 1-P mode for the first time. Contains sound effects used in Final Destination. It can be seen with a hacked camera. It can be listened to in the Sound Test if the language is set to English, not requiring any debugging. Tiny and giant variations also exist, but all three sounds are exactly the same. To unlock the Fourside stage, you must play at least 100 matches in VS. mode (without quitting). Japanese audio clips for Fox which (predictably) are only used in the Japanese version for his victory quotes (and the first one as a taunt). Used in Versus Mode to announce the computer player's defeat. This means you must also beat all 51 Events (since you get Final Destination from the 51st), and unlock all secret characters (since you need them to access the higher number events). To do this get a total of 5000 KOs. Sets the DSP (digital signal processing) level. Player 3 will be Master Hand. Maybe the developers were experimenting with Final Smashes again? However, unlike Fox and Falco, Mewtwo's Japanese voice clips remain untranslated in later installments. To begin, have Game & Watch use the Bucket to absorb three full-powered PK Flash attacks from Ness. To get the Crazy Hand trophy, complete Adventure Mode on Hard or Very Hard difficulty without continuing. The Sound Test as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Mewtwo says "Orokana", which translates to "fool" in Japanese. All are, Used for various character attacks; Never used for the fan, Ray Gun attemps to fire while out of shots, Star Rod is attempted to be used while out of shots, Fire Flower is attempted to be used while out of ammo, Character throws a Koopa Shell, red or green, The beginning of a character being frozen by, Super Scope attempts to fire while out of shots, Warpstar crashes back down to the ground. You'll then be challenged by Young Link; defeat him. Can be listened to via the in-game Sound Test. If this stage is forced to load, the entire stage is pitch black, with a single invisible platform at the center of the stage. Used in character selection screens, the results screen, and in Classic Mode to refer to Dr. Mario. Character uses a spinning attack. The former is probably more accurate, as all boss characters are playable in some form using the debug mode. However, they can also be charged up, just as if you were using the Control Stick & A Button method. Jungle Japes. These were replaced with non-verbal voice clips outside of Japan. The class of trophies you can collect has increased. This file is used in English. To unlock All-Star mode, simply unlock all the hidden characters (including Mr. Game & Watch). Mr. Game & Watch is a full-3D model like all the other characters. How to say melee. When the Boomerang comes back to Link, he'll be launched really high into the air. To unlock Jigglypuff, simply complete the game in 1-P Mode at any difficulty/stock (Adventure or Classic). Even if it was used, it wouldn't fit as all of Marth's lines in the game are in Japanese. A demo version of the opening to the special movie. Test it out. The announcer says "Giga Bowser". Curiously, the "Break the Targets" sound is here too, and not in GRPSFX_NR_1P as one would expect. Note: This does NOT work in the standard Tournament mode. To unlock events #40 through #50, you must unlock all of the secret characters. Lucky you! The Sound Test as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Character hits one of the side blast lines, Character zapping after being hit by electricity, Character smoking after being hit by fire. Ultimate, but is used for Ganondorf's down smash instead of his Final Smash. Pichu will challenge you; win and you'll be able to play as Pichu! Used in the Versus Mode results screen to announce that the match was quit. This file is used in Japanese. This clip can be heard in the Sound Test without using any debugging routines. The sound carried over to be used in, The narrator says "wins". During this Event Match, your goal is to not get KO'ed by the two pairs of Ice Climbers, or by being offscreen for too long. He's only flat because the game runs the flattening code on him at all times, like how everyone else is flattened on the Flat Zone stage. Transforming characters like Sheik in Melee and Brawl, helper characters like Pikmin, and summonable characters from some Final Smashes and results screens (such as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts) are grouped under the main character's section (in aforementioned cases, being Zelda, Olimar and Joker respectively).

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