Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! Tune the guitar to pitch and ensure that your neck relief has been properly adjusted. To do this, find a screwdriver that fits into the screws at the back of the bridge. If the fretted note is sharp compared to the harmonic, lengthen the string by tightening the screw. Adjustment of the Action Function of the Bridge • Sets string length at bridge for proper intonation. Adjusting The Bridge. It needs to be done only about four times a year (as the seasons change), but you have to take a whole afternoon to do it right, especially if you’re adjusting your bass for the first time. Follow along with the guide below to get started. Always ensure that you’re. • Spaces strings at body. The capo will give you a lower measurement when installed so you’ll want to be sure you have it in place at every setup once you’ve figured out your desired action. Please Note: This guide serves only if you want a quick action adjustment and presumes your truss rod and nut are set up correctly. Turning these screws moves the saddles back and forth. Need more explanation? Fixed bridges permit the use of the tremolo arm, but the upside of using a fixed bridge is that there are fewer moving parts and adjustments are typically a lot more straightforward. Read our article about how to measure the action of your electric guitar. Be patient when you’re adjusting your bass. Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. After you get your bass back, take note of how high he or she set the saddles and how the strings feel. This is why setting the action is always a compromise between getting it as low as possible and avoiding fret buzz. The Fender style bridge allows you to adjust each saddle height individually. Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. Every guitar needs regular maintenance, and at some point, no matter how careful you are with your instrument, it’s bound to need some kind of repair. How and Why to Adjust the Saddles of Your Bass…, Tips for Buying Amplifiers and Speakers for Your Bass Guitar. The bridge controls the length and height of the string. This moves the saddle away from the neck. Now that you have set the action and fine-tuned your guitar’s playability, click on here to check pitch accuracy and set the intonation of your guitar. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. Everyone’s setup preferences are a little different. The radius of the saddle slots on a Gibson bridge should already be set when the bridge was initially installed. You can either cascade your measurements from tallest to lowest, or, you can more accurately set your strings to the proper radius by verifying with a. From then on, you can fine-tune your bass by comparing it to the original setup. In Part 2, we will fine tune your string height so your guitar is perfectly tailored to your playing style. Many of the Technicians here at Sweetwater prefer to have a slightly lower action on the treble strings since the vibrational pattern of these strings are tighter and require less clearance. Fixed bridges permit the use of the tremolo arm, but the upside of using a fixed bridge is that there are fewer moving parts and adjustments are typically a lot more straightforward. measure the action of your electric guitar. Adjust the bridge height by turning the slot-head screw on the bridge post, or by whichever method would be applicable to your bridge style. There are some target numbers that you’ll want to keep in mind when measuring action, but ultimately your playing style and personal taste will determine the string height. A Gibson style bridge has two bridge posts that allow you to adjust only the bass and treble side of the bridge. The bridge controls the length and height of the string. check pitch accuracy and set the intonation, TC-Helicon Go Guitar Pro Quickstart Guide, First, adjust your Low E-string height by raising or lowering the saddle. The action is simply how far you must move the string down in order to get it to sound. Also, the lower the strings are to the frets, the more likely you are to have buzz. Any bridge adjustment is for the sole purpose of adjusting the action you have on your guitar. Since the focus of these articles will be on electric guitars, we will always want to verify how much buzz is actually translating through the amplifier. This will inhibit vibrations and reduce overtones. In Part 1 of the Guitar Setup Series, we adjusted the truss rod to set the neck relief. The radius of a Gibson Tune-o-matic bridge is set at the factory and should not need to be changed. Sweetwater Sound Our knowledge base contains over 28,000 expertly written tech articles that will give you answers and help you get the most out of your gear. Play the harmonic of one of the strings at the 12th fret, and tune the string to the tuner. If properly intonated, the fretted and harmonic 12-fret pitches of both E strings will agree, with none of them being sharp or flat. If the fretted note is flat, shorten the string by loosening the screw to move the saddle toward the neck. I saved the old bridge in the guitar … For all other Gibson bridges, do the following: Be sure that the stopbar is not causing the strings to make contact with the back of the bridge. The final step when you adjust the action on an acoustic guitar is to check the action at the bridge and adjust it accordingly. Have a professional set up your bass the first time. Adjust both set screws, re-tune your guitar to pitch and take another action measurement at the 12th fret. 1. There's nothing wrong with this guitar. Overview. Our pro musicians and gear experts update content daily to keep you informed and on your way. If you don't have experience doing this, it may be better to simply take your guitar to an experienced luthier. If you’d like to try this, set the action of your high E string (1st) 1/64th of an inch lower than your low E string (6th). Always be sure to tune your guitar back to pitch before taking any further measurements. If so, accurately measure the action height and adjust the rest of the strings to that same distance. When you adjust the saddles, you lower and raise the string height (the action). In Part 1 of the Guitar Setup Series, we adjusted the truss rod to set the neck relief. The Tune-O-Matic bridge is a fixed bridge used on electric guitars, typically those made by Gibson. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. The saddles on the bridge can be lowered or raised by turning the screws at the top with an Allen wrench. StewMac stocks replacement parts and saddles for a bridge like this, but I decided to start fresh with our Nashville T-O-M bridge (an exact replica). Keep adjusting the saddle until both the harmonic and the fretted note are in tune. Some Luthiers will install a capo at the first fret in order to prevent the nut height from being a factor in their measurements.

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