Are these the stock headlights and bulbs? I sent pictures to them but have since deleted them I will take more the next time it rains when I'm traveling. There was an abnormal line through the passenger side headlight. They use a projector system which is not working. When driving with the headlights illuminated, the contact was not able to see any objects through the top portion of the windshield. The road does not get very well illuminated. Headlights suddenly stopped working. all problems of the 2006 Ford Explorer . She also stated that as of this time, Ford considers the headlights to be working within acceptable level. Updated 02-25-08 This could have become very dangerous. The car has been in the dealership 1 time and the lights have been adjusted as much as possible. The VIN was unknown. See I had my headlights adjusted up by the dealership and everyone flashed their brights at me so I had to have them turned back down. ... No. We have to stop when making a turn to point the headlights in the direction we want to go because there is no side vision. This car is not safe to drive at night on a two lane unlit road. At night they are blinding painful and dangerous. . Dealership management and manufacturer customer assistance center have advised condition is "normal and acceptable" even though they have not observed the condition and have refused to do so. The headlights on the 2014 Ford Explorer do not illuminate the road when turning, esp to the right. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The contact owns a 2013 Ford Explorer. The contact stated that the head lights were not adequately designed. See Other conditions presented by this design are also present creating additional lesser issues. Therefore if you are turning right at night, the driver can not determine if a pedestrian is in a crosswalk or if the lane he/she is turning into is obstructed or compromised in any way. I took my Explorer to landmark Ford in tigard oregon to have them verify that the lights were adjusted properly. The technician diagnosed that the headlight module needed to be replaced. I have experienced many times where the oncoming cars with these light blind me to the point I can't see the road in front of me. In October 2015, I was turning right on to a busy state highway at night. It doesn't help that the manufacturers of trucks, including suvs, position the headlights at the same distance above the road as the windshield of a sedan. The problem is that 4x4 its not working there is no response when i press the button on the dash to turn it on, also the overdrive off light it … read more I asked if there was another type of lamp that could be used, but they didn't have any recommendations. A module? The issue appears to be associated with the recent headlight design which uses a "projector style" lens incorporating a "high beam" bulb and a shutter to create the low beam by cutting off the top portion of the beam. Thank you It is just as dangerous around curves. The Problem Started With The Loss Of The Driver Side Low Beam. She stated that I needed to file a complaint here and that Ford would not consider this a problem until enough people file complaints through your agency and the Ford CO. . The turn signal lever on the 1998 Ford Explorer is used to control the "bright lights" and also controls windshield wipers. Related Headlight Not Working Content. Action to be taken is to have the dealer inspect and repair. (dashboard lights were not affected. ) Headlights do not provide sufficient lighting of the road. The vehicle was repaired, but the failure recurred. if I had not quickly moved into the correct lane, many people could have been injured or killed. The driver turns into darkness. Ford motor company must recall the 1997 Ford Explorer eddie bauer edition and any other like designed Ford product with a light out module (lom) that fails leaving the driver without low beams and no means of fixing the said defect without an authorized Ford dealer's repair (at great expense) that is life threatening in the interim. The light out module (lom) also known as the indicator warning system control is located inside the message center console and runs "hot" in temperature because of a flawed design. I was told that everything meet specifications. My daughter-in-law who has a chevy said the same thing and she drives with her brights on as much as she possibly can since the low beam is so horrible. . Now I have come to realize how dangerous the inability to see into the turns you are making is. Also please check out the We have been to the dealership to try to resolve this and since found out that there have been numerous complaints for the past two years! I purchased this vehicle in July 2017. The dealer is aware of the failure. See First check your fuses under the dash. They barely illuminate the road in front of me. Take a test drive in the country on hills and curves at night you'll see just how dangerous these light truly are. all problems of the 2010 Ford Explorer . The corrective solution needs a venting system such that the message center does not continually melt the indicator warning system control or light out module (lom). Turn the knob so that it is straight up and down. The failure mileage was 23,000. Ford Forum is a community to discuss all things Ford. Hi i have a 02 ford explorer v6 automatic 4.0 liter 4x4. We had to replace the headlight pig tail twice as it melted to the bulb. this has limited our driving at night. Ford motor company must recall the 1997 Ford Explorer eddie bauer edition and any other like designed Ford product with a light out module (lom) that fails leaving the driver without low beams and no means of fixing the said defect without an authorized Ford dealer's repair (at great expense) that is life threatening in the interim. - Ford... 12 posts Jan 22, 2007 More results from all problems of the 2017 Ford Explorer . all problems of the 1999 Ford Explorer . The contact was concerned about the possible safety hazard of the failure. It feels like someone has painted black paint on 1/2 of the windshield. Within a few seconds I lost the power steering, then the center console entertainment/info screen, then the instrument cluster went black with the headlights and windshield wipers which were on highest setting slowed but continued to operate only while in the highest setting. While driving at unknown speeds with the low and high beam headlights activated, the lights failed to illuminate properly. Pam. The headlights this year (2014) are new. We limped the vehicle home over the course of the next hour and a half for 35 miles as I was not leaving the car on the side of the freeway or in detroit if I could safely avoid it. On city streets at night the problem isn't as apparent, but when I'm traveling on the interstate or any other road without street lighting, if I'm approached by an oncoming vehicle it's as if I don't even have my headlights on. The 1997 Ford Explorer 4d eddie bauer edition has a computer controlled message center. The next day, the car was serviced a second time and they said they replaced the burned out fuse again and did an extended road test and put 130 miles on the car and said the taillights are working fine. The vehicle was later taken into the dealer for repair and they said the fuse was blown and they replaced the 15amp fuse to the Smart junction box. 1995 Ford Explorer Four Wheel Drive Automatic Driving 55mph on I-94 last night in a steady rain and check battery message came up in the left ip display. First: is this something the government should investigate "before" having the vehicle repaired? Or could it be more of loose wiring? all problems of the 2014 Ford Explorer . This is an ongoing problem since it was new. This leaves an error message of checking both driver and passenger side head lamp. This applies to all of the newer cars, trucks etc. left rear tail light not working - Ford Explorer and ... 7 posts Jan 3, 2012 HELP! The headlights are far too bright,even in daylight conditions. And the problem is only exacerbated with higher speeds. See The failure resulted in poor lighting. The same failure recurred soon after the adjustment. See VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Ford personnel and/or dealership personnel cannot modify or remove reviews. Headlights on this vehicle are the worst that I have ever driven. JavaScript is disabled. Dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. I know they do it here, but it's a small town, so customers are EVERYTHING. Was out for 3 weeks decided to come back on. I Cranked My Truck To Take My Son To School. That's it. I don't know what else to do to resolve the issue. . The current design leads to internal electrical system failures that result in a loss of the low beam headlights. After 5 days of being with the dealer service, we picked up the vehicle, the taillights went out again after 100 miles. Not exactly sure off the top of my head. Got diagnosed that it was a bad light housing. ... Electrical Problem 1998 Ford Explorer My Headlights Dont Turn On, Parking Lights Work And Passing Light Also Work. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where they advised the contact that they would adjust the lights.

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