", "How Greece lost billions out of an obscure ECB programme", "The ECB as vulture fund: how central banks speculated against Greece and won big – GUE/NGL – Another Europe is possible", "Unfair ECB profits should be returned to Greece, 117,000 citizens demand", "Report: ECB rules out long-term bond to replace promissory note", "Chopra: ECB refusal to burn bondholders burdened taxpayers", "Everything you need to know about the promissory notes, but were afraid to ask", "Introductory statement to the press conference (with Q&A)", "European Bank in Strong Move to Loosen Credit", "Eurozone crisis live: ECB to launch massive cash injection", "Banks in the euro zone must raise more than 200bn euros in the first three months of 2012", "€529 billion LTRO 2 tapped by record 800 banks", "Verbatim of the remarks made by Mario Draghi", "Itay and Spain respond to ECB treatment", "Europe's Central Bank Moves Aggressively to Ease Euro Crisis", "On the Causes of European Political Instability", "Draghi fends off German critics and keeps stimulus untouched", "DECISION (EU) 2016/948 OF THE EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK of 1 June 2016 on the implementation of the corporate sector purchase programme (ECB/2016/16)", "Corporate sector purchase programme (CSPP) – Questions & Answers", "Powers and responsibilities of the European Central Bank", https://www.igmchicago.org/surveys/objectives-of-the-european-central-bank/, "The powers of the European Central Bank", "All about the European debt crisis: In SIMPLE terms", "Open Market Operation – Fedpoints – Federal Reserve Bank of New York", "Federal Reserve Policies in the Financial Crisis", "The European Central Bank and the Eurosystem", "Distribution of responsibilities among the Members of the Executive Board of the ECB", "Cameron irritates as euro’s High Noon approaches", "EU parliament vetoes Mersch, wants woman for ECB", "Mersch Named to ECB After Longest Euro Appointment Battle", "Benoeming Nederlander Frank Elderson in directie ECB stap dichterbij", "Frank Elderson recommended as member of European Central Bank Executive Board | News | European Parliament", "Monetary policy accounts published in 2016", "Composition of the European Central Bank", "Translation Adds Complexity to European Central Bank's Supervisory Role: ECB Wants Communication in English, But EU Rules Allow Use of Any Official Language", "The Application of multilingualism in the European Union Context", "The European Central Bank: independent and accountable", "The role of the Central Bank in the United Europe", "Transparency International EU – The global coalition against corruption in Brussels", "PRIVILEGES AND IMMUNITIES OF THE EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK", "Report on democratic accountability in the third phase of European Monetary Union – Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and Industrial Policy – A4-0110/1998", "The evolution of the ECB's accountability practices during the crisis", "Monetary dialogue | ECON Policies | ECON | Committees | European Parliament", "Questions to the ECB | Documents | ECON | Committees | European Parliament", "Interinstitutional Agreement between the European Parliament and the European Central Bank on the practical modalities of the exercise of democratic accountability and oversight over the exercise of the tasks conferred on the ECB within the framework of the Single Supervisory Mechanism", "ECB to adjust schedule of meetings and to publish regular accounts of monetary policy discussions in 2015", "The Eurosystem – Too opaque and costly? It was established on 1 June 1998. Look at press releases, speeches and interviews and filter them by date, speaker or activity. Our host Michael Steen discusses these questions and more with ECB economists John Fell and Tamarah Shakir. Divisions arose between France’s center-left government and German conservatives. To fight deflation—which makes debt harder to service and dampens consumer spending—the ECB announced another unorthodox monetary policy in January 2015 with the launch of quantitative easing (QE). to fight climate change different from the past? The ECB eventually extended the program to Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, temporarily bringing down borrowing costs. November 18, 2020, In Brief [130], - Capturing exchange rate policy : The event that will most mark the definitive politicization of the ECB is, of course, the operation launched in January 2015: the quantitative easing (QE) operation. To achieve this, the author analyses the professional careers of central bankers and mirrors them with their respective monetary decision-making. It is composed by the Chair of the Supervisory Board, Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board, one ECB representative and five representatives of national supervisors. I think it’s a cause for celebration and frankly she does not need any advice from me. The Governing Council is the main decision-making body of the Eurosystem. (en) Shigeyuki Hamori et Naoko Hamori, Introduction of the Euro and the Monetary Policy of the European Central Bank, World Scientific, 2010, 199 p. (ISBN 978-981-28-3843-8, présentation en ligne). Faced with those regulatory constraints, the ECB led by Jean-Claude Trichet in 2010 was reluctant to intervene to calm down financial markets. I think that has also helped. [88] The euro area NCBs were required to pay their respective subscriptions to the ECB's capital in full.

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