looking for an experienced developer to create a website similar to [login to view URL] (Up to $30/hr). We are in POC lunching stage. Design elements: I’d like the design to include the following… I need a logo designed. I want developer work in a project using node js+mongo db+ socket io. if you are interested send your, Needing some theory help with navier stokes equation. Experience integrating with REST APIs Experience: Somehow we have mis-placed the original and all I am stuck with is a PDF that is a mess when converted to text. ( horses, horse people, everything horse related) if you have experience in something similar please apply. for our websites we need specialiste on Wordpress, Godaddy, Dokan, Elementor, SEO, long term job 40h/week, salary basis 300 to 400 usd/ month, we will also create websites on wordpress for our clients. ...was told to progress it futher, it’s due In 3 days my laptop crashed and because of corona it won’t be fixed till next week could you read up what needs to be done and let me k is it u can do the work by Friday 5pm ... Hello Max Budget: $55 Working experience with multimedia integration in a Wed Environment (Audio and video integration) They lead a small team of engineering technicians, and manage medium-sized projects from start to finish. Test and deploy applications and systems - Wifi Need a report/study from a qualified engineer on how to remove Chromium, Copper and Arsenic (CCA) from timber, You always wanted to work from home, in your spare time? Job Responsibilities: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are no regularly recognized engineering jobs that start with the letter "K." Some engineering jobs that begin with a hard "C" sound are computer engineers, combustion engineers, concrete engineering technicians, conservation engineers, construction engineers and chemical engineers. Need to preload all assets at app start up, immediately required Word press and mobile app developer, Structural engineer for 2 storey residential in WA, Move data from 45 Excel files into a main file, AWS Sam template with Authorizer for node.js, separate community mobile app with web application -- 2. Must-haves Please find similar, but different, posts in the HVAC category. - Must complete project within 2 months (with buffer time) 3500 Words. ...and also assigning me tasks, please don't send a bidding. Collaborate with internal teams to produce software design and architecture I'm open to new horizons and I learn fast ... Hello we need a script that converts a CSV file into a PDF file. He/She could also offer me jobs or ask me to take on jobs of his and pay a percentage of the payment. dev companies with huge experience in mobile app dev, SCRIPT that turns a CSV into PDF (diagrammed), High end photography retouching, glamour magazine HD quality, Engineering Study-Pyrolysis of Treated Waste Timber, Virtual Assistants URGENTLY Needed!!! Development experience with Python just need a Phone Repair Shop Management Software web based like booking repair jobs and print labels and receipt with pos system and inventory management, Create a professional site specialized in recruitment and professional jobs, I’ll pay you 10$ to make my designs into functionality app prototype! Dm for more details, Full time job, long term for 2 years or more, monthly salary from 300$ to 500$/ month, 40h/Week tracked with timedoctor - Fast response - Basic English The report should be with clear instructions to apply on the website in order to improve on site seo. Use them(words) toghether(do not put space between the Be and the Comfy, and also Use capital letters for the B and C and for the other lowercase letters, Hello, we are a new company that focuses on bed-time stories for children. Experience with cloud, ideally Azure APIs Experience in working Accessibility development Experience with GGY Axis I want a CRM that my students can pay for on a monthly basis to track leads from unclaimed funds list. I need it to say “Pretty Girls Clean” I need things that represent cleaning. ...docs for examples. A kinetic engineer starts with the letter k. The engineer works with kinetic energy. *Must be a chartered engineer in Australia* Please show your past experiences in making prototype apps with functionality thanks. Get in touch. So thinking it needs to start from scratch. ------------------------. I am an amature cad designer that has designs systems for commercial fishing boats and now I'm designing a new car loading system that will load a car over, Sample project for AWS Sam template Authorizer in node.js only, To Build a Mobile App and web application for a community based business lead generator, ...using Scrapy (or something better) & Selenium - code must be documented in English. It will use IoT, advanced sensor, Cloud Computing, telematics in management, maintenance, financing and marketing. React.js: 3-5 years (Required). I am looking for innovative software ideas. We would be hiring 15-20 people from Bangalore to work on word press and mobile app development. 1. front, ...is a long-term project, we are looking for people with sufficient knowledge and experience from past projects to work on our project together with a team. Participate in requirements analysis Experience using Chef and Terraform Do you have that? I'm an artist. Write clean, scalable code using .NET programming languages My project has many images (.png) of various sizes. We are looking for a Mechanical Engineer with extensive manufacturing experience who can take the design / functionality of our prototype and refine it so that it's ready for production. For example a broom, vacuum, mop etc. I will provide the details over chat. Thank you, ...looking for a .Net developer to build software using languages and technologies of the .NET framework. ...Strong experience in React Hooks (functional components) Requirements: Automation Robotics Integrator business in Oakville. - Start your message with "SEO expert here", High-end photography retouching, glamour magazine HD quality to complete 5-10 quality retouching/editing jobs per month, on constant bases, get in touch send examples of your work, Promation Engineering Ltd. Revise, Simple project - convert attached PDF to excel 4600 or so records. Understanding or experience working with automation or DevOps Size: 5x8" (203mm x 127mm) Introduction Mechanical Engineering lab Automation software development. When I change a page the images load slowly even though all images are local in the app. I need it to say “Pretty Girls Clean” I need things that represent cleaning. Title: name of the idea Cover Title: BUILDING A BUSNESS THAT RUNS ITSELF 2. [login to view URL]. Senior Group Leader The Senior Group Leader (R&D) is both a research scientist and a business area manager and leader. Requirements: I have several photographs of interiors. Requirements Build me a market place website (please read description), Developer Node js with socket io using Mongo DB, SECURITY SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS (CCTV CAMERAS), positive character traits that start with n. Description: A description of the idea thank you, I am an independent developer with a background in computer science & robotics engineering. - You can take a page, do a screenshot and redesign over it respecting the current blocks, so then it is easy to implement the new design The PDF file should have an cover (JPG) and the index should be nice organized by city. Server/Incident support experience, ideally using ServiceNow Somehow we have mis-placed the original and all I am stuck with is a PDF that is a mess when converted to text. The other is in Word, showing what the content & images look like. I have a 22 page board bylaws document that needs to be retyped in Microsoft Word. Electricals & Electronics has proven Security surveillance systems (CCTV CAMERAS) Skills needed I want to have sculpture pieces hanging and moving from the ceiling. Which will evaluate/ analyse the results and process of engineering fluid lab experiment, I need a logo for my brand, it needs to be styled, because I just want the text, in colors and format that will translate what we do. I need someone to make me a responsive interactive app prototype app with functionality! i need developer who have skills in reverse engineering to test the secutiy of my app.. i will provide my app for them to test to see if there is any weakpoints or access point if found they will be given the task to fix the security issues. Check this as an example how the PDF file should look like: The Senior Engineering Technician manages the maintenance and repair of a pharmaceutical production area. 1. - You. Provide structural engineering services for WA planning application. I'll provide more information, but basically, its a sortable, dynamic database of profiles. Shouldn't take more than 2-3 weeks (Budget: $30 - $39 USD, Jobs: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel, PDF), Need help with Digital Forensic work.

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