Where are the Lebrone Jameses and Michael Jordans of the sport? But, we can take the time to remember their lives and what they contributed to the sport. 2020-05-21T20:16:38.369Z. Paul Dillett makes one thing clear during our conversation about bodybuilding today – he strongly believes there are talented hard working bodybuilders on stage today. Jeff Seid. The cause of death is unknown. This waters the entire sport down. He recalls doing more than one guest posing per day over the weekends and then following up with multiple days of guest posing back to back through the week. These are the 20 richest bodybuilders in the world, as of 2020: 20. It’s not like that today. According to sources, Miroslaw Daszkiewicz was struggling with a very serious illness and passed away on May 5, 2020. Certainly there are new opportunities made available due to social media. Another death in the bodybuilding world. In our GI Exclusvie interview, Paul Dillett explains why he thinks bodybuilding today is dead. The last two decades have been brutal for bodybuilding. He was said to have choked to death on food, building mass to the very last (autopsy results later told a very different story). Jeff Seid is an American professional IFBB bodybuilder, and he is the youngest bodybuilder on this list. REDCON1 Announces Black Friday Deal – Biggest Discount In The Company’s History! Where’s the Michael Jackson of bodybuilding today? This seems to be less about criticizing today’s physiques and more about criticizing how the sport works. Rick Collins Esq. A tribute to the lives lost in the bodybuilding and fitness industry industry throughout the past three years. Answers: What Are Gym’s Rights During Mandated Lockdowns? Perhaps simply Paul Dillett isn’t seeing it himself first hand. Joanna Thomas, the famed female bodybuilder and adult actress, has died at the age of 43. In our latest GI Exclusvie interview, Paul Dillett explains why he thinks bodybuilding today is dead. There’s nothing new about comparing today’s bodybuilding to eras past. Jeff started working out when he was of a very young age, and his teen transformation video has been viewed on YouTube by millions. September 30, 1997, would be a day that would forever change the life of bodybuilder Bertil Fox and leave a 20-year-old beauty queen and her 36-year-old mother dead. Regardless, as far as Paul Dillett is concerned, the bodybuilding he knew is dead. We’ve covered the various ways bodybuilders have found financial success without even having to step on the stage. The bigger question is whether or not today’s generation of fans and athletes agree. Shahab Beyranvand was a successful Men’s Physique competitor in local events. You can watch Paul Dillett’s full comments and a few other bodybuilding stories in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above! Sign up to the GI newsletter for breaking news, workouts, diets, and exclusive offers. German Volume Training: Does it Increase Strength or Just Size? Thomas passed away in April 2020 but her death was not widely reported until July 2020. Just a few weeks later, the incredibly unique larger-than-life YouTube phenomenon, Rich Piana, passed away. That being said, he also believes that in spite of that, the sport itself is not the same as it used to be. Polish bodybuilding legend Miroslaw Daszkiewicz, dies at 60. In the 50+ years since his article, plenty of bodybuilders have misused or abused steroids and other PEDs and have paid the ultimate price: Jeff started working out when he was of a very young age, and his teen transformation video has been viewed on YouTube by millions. German bodybuilding legend Pit Trenz dead at 53. News has been spreading about the death of another young athlete, this time from Iran. Generation Iron Brands LLC Jeff Seid. Although this list consists of just 28 bodybuilders who died from 2017-2020, it’s still much too many. © Copyright 2020 Generation Iron Brands LLC, Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network, Antoine Vaillant: The Pros & Cons Of Weed In Bodybuilding. Specifically, in comparison to the era during Dillett’s prime. Dillett used to get so many offers for guest posing – that he had to turn some down and choose specifically which countries and locations he would prefer. The wife of a German bodybuilding legend has released a heartbreaking statement about her shattered plans following his death. Joanna Thomas, 43, took a cocktail of drugs to ease the constant pain she was left in as a result of her bodybuilding career. Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana, two of the most muscular men on the planet, died last month. 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New York, NY 10001 The Last Callout: The Dead In the 1960s, Iron Man publisher Peary Rader wrote an editorial to address the issue of steroids in bodybuilding and to warn readers not to get involved with the drugs. Greg Kovacs was a Canadian bodybuilder born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario with a rare monumental height compared to most pro bodybuilders. Well, because number one – I tell people bodybuilding is dead. He details his time guest posing and making public appearances. The celebrity status of top athletes, the physiques, the revenue – all of it. Instead, it focuses on the overall reaction to athletes and the business opportunities that exist versus earlier eras. The loss of these two bodybuilders came as a shock to many. WATCH: This Bodybuilder Eats An Entire 20 Pound Turkey For Thanksgiving, Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals | Gift Guide 2020, Soccer Legend Diego Maradona Has Passed Away at Age 60, Sergio Oliva Jr. Hospitalized Due to Nerve Pain, Says It’s “The Worst Pain I’ve Ever Been In”. Product Review: Controlled Labs Orange Triad Multivitamin, Best Wrist Wraps For Wrist Support & Optimal Performance 2020, A Complete Guide Into Pre-Workout Supplements For Growth. Derek Dufour has been managing all digital operations on the Generation Iron Network for over six years. These are the 20 richest bodybuilders in the world, as of 2020: 20. Fox, a two-time Mr. Universe who was known as “Brutal Fox” during his career, … Email: info@generationiron.com. Bodybuilding isn’t what it used to be.”. This isn’t even a slam on the leagues. Net Worth: $1.5 Million. Yet another bodybuilding legend has lost their life recently. Perhaps it’s just a different kind of fame and popularity. Craig Golias Explains The Reason He Quit Competitive Bodybuilding, Toney Freeman: How Judging Has Improved In Bodybuilding. He has no qualms making that statement. The subject of death in the bodybuilding and fitness world has unfortunately become a common subject. Surprisingly, his statements don’t focus on the physiques of bodybuilders today. Paul Dillett speaks directly on this during our conversation: “There’s no guest posing anymore right? The word that Paul Dillett keeps coming back to in the conversation is “special.” He believes that today’s athletes aren’t regarded as special as they once were. In August 2017, the bodybuilding community lost a young and talented Mr. Olympia newcomer, Dallas McCarver. He competed from the mid 70’s the to the late 80’s, at the highest levels of the sport. According to sources, Miroslaw Daszkiewicz was struggling with a very serious illness and passed away on May 5, 2020.

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