His fear of the Boulangist movement converted him to the policy of "Republican Concentration," and he entered office in 1890 as foreign minister in the Freycinet cabinet. they are indispensable as an impartial means of selecting men for the civil service; (xviii.) But further advance was prevented by the concentration of the French forces in the east, and Wellington found it advisable to retire for the third time to winter quarters on. Pt = Po(' +0 00367t) and can thus be reduced to its value at o° C. Sigurd Stenius has calculated tables of osmotic pressure for sea-water of different degrees of concentration. Two class 100 clean rooms are currently being installed dedicated to sample preparation for isotope analysis and low concentration elemental analysis. army made good its concentration on the upper Elbe with insignificant fighting of the other's position. This increase in CSF acidity causes hyperventilation which lowers the carbon dioxide concentration in the blood. effort, which had been made when they were enjoying the advantages derived from concentration as opposed to dispersion, and when they were in the position to take the Turks unawares, had miscarried. In the Feast of Firstfruits we have another example of the same sort; comparable with this concentration of holiness is the respect or veneration shown to a single animal as representative of its species (see Animal Worship). Aspartate, also an excitatory transmitter, is present at a concentration of 1 - 3 mmol/L. In the survey, 3% of men and 8% of women had a hemoglobin concentration below these limits indicating anemia. Preparatory concentration, parikamma samaadhi, is only initial concentration. The penalty for distributing such contraband may be the concentration camp; it may be death. They also have moderate effects on increasing high-density lipoprotein (HDL) concentration and reducing serum triglycerides. 5. Chirocrinus-alter, one of of the nervous, waterthe Rhomb i fera, showing the reduced vascular and blood-vas number and regular arrangement of the cular systems, testified thecal plates, and the concentration of to their Pelmatozoan ancestry. The spiders are specialized and reduced in apparent complexity, as compared with the scorpions, but they cannot be regarded as degenerate since the concentration of structure which occurs in them results in greater efficiency and power than are exhibited by the scorpion. We were told of the way corpses in concentration camps were layered up with logs, then the whole lot set alight. The Motienling pass, however, had been seized without difficulty, and Keller's power of counterattack had been reduced to nothing by the despatch of most of his forces to the concentration at Tashichiao. changing concentration the hypothesis of complex ions is unnecessary, and we may suppose that the transport number is a true migration constant from which the relative velocities of the two ions may be calculated in the matter suggested by Hittorf and illustrated in fig. Graham showed that the diffusion was approximately proportional to the difference in concentration, and on these lines a theory of diffusion was founded on the lines of Fourier's treatment of the conduction of heat. The specific rotation also varies with the concentration; this is due to the dissociation of complex molecules into simpler ones, a view confirmed by cryoscopic measurements. If the current be so strong that new hydrogen and hydroxyl ions cannot be formed in time, other substances are liberated; in a solution of sulphuric acid a strong current will evolve sulphur dioxide, the more readily as the concentration of the solution is increased. After the withdrawal of the restriction against the companies erecting trunk wires it became evident that the development of the telephone services throughout the country would be facilitated by complete intercommunication and uniformity of systems, and that economies could be effected by concentration of management. Variations in atmospheric methane concentration during the Holocene epoch. In the meantime, the concentration camps were becoming filled to overflowing, and a steady stream of captures and surrenders were reducing the hostile power of the republics. In the case of separation from solutions, either by crystallization or by precipitation by double decomposition, the temperature, the concentration of the solution, and the presence of other ions may modify the form obtained. The area has a concentration of Neolithic megaliths, standing stones, passageways and court tombs. Thus, thanks to Zieten's fine delaying action, Blucher by nightfall on June 15 had secured most of the ground requisite for his pre-arranged concentration; for one corps was in position, and two others were at hand. Arsenic pentoxide, As2O5, is most easily obtained by oxidation of a solution of arsenious acid with nitric acid; the solution on concentration deposits the compound 2H3AsO4. Soon after the concentration at Rialto (see History below), a small wooden church was erected about the year 828 for the reception of the relics of St Mark, which had been brought from Alexandria when the Moslems pulled down the church where he was buried. Neither mechanical nor magnetic concentration can effect much in the way of separation when, as in many complex ores, carbonates of iron, calcium and magnesium replace the isomorphous zinc carbonate, when some iron sulphide containing less sulphur than pyrites replaces zinc sulphide, and when gold and silver are contained in the zinc ore itself. But, intermediate in richness between these two extremes, the iron ores mined to-day and these 2 and 3% ores, there is an incalculably great quantity of ore capable of mechanical concentration, and another perhaps vaster store of ore which we do not yet know how to concentrate mechanically, so that the day when a pound of iron in the ore will cost as much as a pound of copper in the ore costs to-day is immeasurably distant. This concentration is most easily produced by sliding or revolving diaphragms. When, however, a hot blast is used on highly sulphuretted copper ores, a concentration of 8 of ore into i of matte is obtained, with a consumption of less than one-third the fuel which would be consumed in smelting the charge had the ore been previously calcined. The concentration of the various Japanese armies on one battlefield was to be made, not along the circumference of the long arc they occupied, but towards the centre. What Hitler did in his concentration camps was equaled if not exceeded in foulness by the soviet gulags, forced starvation and pogroms. Strong acid does act, the more so the greater its concentration and the higher its temperature. Experiments on the relation between temperature and concentration are illustrated by projecting the curve OA of fig. The best I can figure, he never left California before his arrest so that's where I'm concentration. Third concentration is stopping serial abductors or serial killers. CK 1 328958 I immediately lost my concentration . The immediate result of this concentration of people in a spot so unwholesome was the prevalence of disease, produced by the appalling sanitary conditions. Primarily but a slight deposit is formed (none until the concentration arrives at specific gravity 1.0509), this deposit consisting for the most part of calcium carbonate and ferric oxide.

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