AXIS®: All blades will rust eventually, however, if the surface of the blade is smoother (more polished) there are fewer microscopic cracks in the blade's surface where water and grime can work into and start corroding the knife. Therefore, the PVD/SpartaCoat helps resist corrosion and maintain the flat finish. “This finish should not be confused with other spray or paint finishes. It’s extremely durable with a bit of flexibility, and the mixture we make has passed military 24-hour saltwater spray tests and chemical emergent tests with flying colors. Have any pics of your patinas? Keep it clean and dry after use and it will not rust, no matter what. You're supposed to use your alt account. Automatic: Cocobolo: A mirror polish just reduces the surface area of the blade exposed to air, slowing the oxidation process (rust). “The process is characterized by the creation of a material vapor that can be reacted with different gases to form a thin film coating,” he noted. See one of our multi-tools with a sheepsfoot blade here!  A thermoplastic that offers excellent flexibility with good strength and fatigue resistance. Damascus steel has remarkable toughness and edge quality.  BK1 coating is a matte black coating that provides excellent corrosion protection that exceeds the ASTM-117 specifications for salt water resistance while providing scratch protection. A coated blade offers protection, non-glare and striking looks. 440C steel has great edge retention and is very easy to sharpen. 14C28N: The coating of blades has a practical, aesthetic and utilitarian appeal. See one of our multi-tools with a sheepsfoot blade here. N680: Sheepsfoot:  An integral locking bar within the knife springs into position behind the rear tang of the blade while the blade is open. “KA-BAR is no exception,” he said.  A sheepsfoot blade has no point on the tip and very little to no belly. Excellent priced for its performance. Buying a coated blade makes a statement and serves a practical purpose. Caribou Media Group earns a commission from qualifying purchases. 154CM: X15-TN: Press J to jump to the feed. “The powder is applied with an electrostatic spray gun. While these other finishes are OK, PVD coating cannot chip or rub off because it’s bonded to the steel at a molecular level.”. It offers excellent corrosion resistance as a blade material. Before the powder is sent to the gun, it is fluidized to separate the individual grains of powder and improve the electrostatic charge that can be applied to the powder so that the powder flows more easily to the gun. See one of our clip-point blades here! I've wondered how bluing might work.  A stainless steel comparable to 440C in performance and value. Iseya. Alright. N690: Delrin: 8Cr13CoMov: “To obtain the final solid, tough, abrasion-resistant coating, the powder-coated items are placed in an oven and heated to temperatures that range from 160 to 210 degrees Celsius, depending on the powder—400 degrees in our case.”.  Built from the framework of a locking liner; the lock engages using tensile strength compared to the compression hold of more traditional locking-liners. M390 is a popular steel for use in surgical instruments and other applications that require a high finish. Probably not food safe.  Like the AXIS® mechanism, this requires the user to propel the blade at least partially out of the knife handle. Carbon fiber handles offer exceptional strength while adding almost no additional weight to the knife itself.  This steel has excellent corrosion resistance properties, especially to salt water. advertisementvar RevContentSolo = { button_text: 'Find Out More', widget_id: 116684}; For ESEE Knives, Rowen Mfg. Iovito and business partner Mark Carey became familiar with PVD coating while working on the development of a new rifle with Special Forces applications. Our shop uses an acid-dip to create a patina on the blade and then we coat the blade in oil. Micarta:  A proprietary steel manufactured by Underwater Kinetics that is specifically designed for diving. Spartan Blades uses CPM-S30V and S35VN, and 154CM stainless steels. Hurry! 9Cr13CoMov: Knife manufacturers recognize the demand for such blades and see their contributions to the available selection as filling a necessary niche. Spartan has recoated some blades in the past, primarily because the owner requested a change of color or to have something etched on the blade. Clip-point: The coating is made to last. One of the nice properties of PVD coating is that it applies uniformly so that you don’t get build-up on corners and edges like some coatings.” IonBond coats Spartan’s blades. Most types of blade steels can be classified as being either Stainless or Carbon steel.  A steel that has the ability to resist rust in the worst conditions while maintaining ample edge retention.  Cocobolo is a tropical hardwood from Central American known for its hardness and density. “It is electrostatically applied in its dry powder form, and it goes on the blade between three and five thousandths-inch thickness. This divide hence calls for an informed choice when you are looking to purchase a knife. I've heard of mirror polishes stopping it, will they? Typical metals used come from the carbon steel, tool, or stainless steel families.  A steel with similar performance characteristics to AUS-8. I've seen it used on guns, but not sure how effective it would be against rust. Stainless is not totally stain proof.” Iovito agreed. It's a durable stainless steel which resists corrosion over time. For those who serve in the military, preserve the peace through law enforcement or knife enthusiasts in general, blades are coated black, Flat Dark Earth, tan or what have you for a variety of reasons, and are permanent fixtures in their complement of working gear. Exclusions apply. ... Oiling is also an extra measure.  An air-hardened tool steel that offers good corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance and toughness.  A modern engineered plastic that offers high-strength, minimal flex, and optimally lightweight properties. ESEE knives receive the Textured Powder Coat at Rowen Mfg. While the processes are similar from manufacturer to manufacturer, each has its own variation on the coating theme. “We use an epoxy hybrid base with polyester in it,” company President Mike Fuller said. 154CM: This steel is known for its best overall qualities and offers great corrosion resistance, good toughness, and good edge quality. Blade Finishes ... Iseya Molybdenum Steel 210mm Gyuto Knife with Mahogony Handle. Though, this isn't a substitute for proper knife care and there are other methods of rust prevention that work better. Then the coated steel goes through four stages to complete the process: melt, flow, gel and cure. This format lowers the point of the knife for control without sacrificing strength in the tip of the knife.  Cerakote™ has a unique ceramic structure that out-performs many competitive coatings and improves performance in both laboratory and real-world settings. However, when a knife blade is blasted, a surface is created that is less corrosion resistant. Spartan officials acknowledge that the coating of their stainless steels follows the surface blasting of the blades in order to eliminate glare.  A high performance blade steel with superior cutting ability and wear resistance. collapse. It adds an element of safety, stealth, survival and style to a blade, while demonstrating a good value every day in the field. by Larry Connelley When buying a new knife, the type of knife blade finish can offer various advantages, especially when in the field. BT2 exceeds the ASTM-117 specifications for salt water resistance and increases overall surface lubricity. It has keen edge qualities and good corrosion resistance. A lot of newer high carbon knifes and tools will come powder coated as well, which provides a similar role to the patina. M390 is a popular steel for use in surgical instruments and other applications that require a high finish.  This steel is known for its best overall qualities and offers great corrosion resistance, good toughness, and good edge quality. This is a good all-around blade style and is great for an every day carry knife.  A Xylan™ based coating that provides excellent corrosion resistance. All rights reserved. “Fortunately, we were aware that the development of a true Flat Dark Earth Pantone had been done using zirconium carbon nitride. Regular price £65.00. The look and feel are appealing, and the ease of maintenance is an attractive attribute. will a patina/powder coating stop rust? Archived. While the processes are similar from manufacturer to manufacturer, each has its own variation on the coating theme. However, in areas like the final edge of the knife where there is no covering, the blade still needs to be oiled like any other good tool.”.  A convex-curved drop in the point characterizes the drop-point blade. S30V: Recoating of blades is either rare or not offered by many manufacturers, and the premise is simple.

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