RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO is another mini fridge packed with a number of advanced features. For a power source, it can use standard household outlets and 12-volt car outlets. This mini-fridge is incorporated with thermoelectric technology, thus switching functionality from cooling to warming mode as per users’ needs is easy. This is built sleek in design and light weighted for easy transportation. Cooluli Mini Fridge is yet another super-versatile and classy small range fridge. 3- Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So, they save energy and offer energy-efficient operation. It just measures 9.45×11.61×15.55 inches. Moreover, the Mini fridge avails an environmental-friendly design with modern and advanced semiconductors. The review above avails the best portable Mini fridges in the market. Portable mini fridges allow you to keep your snacks and drinks close to you either at the office or at home. Nostalgia RF6RRAQ 6-Can Cooling and Heating Mini Refrigerator, #8. That means you’ll never go hungry (or thirsty) with this sleek appliance at the ready. Likewise, they are versatile enough to accommodate small items including, baby formula, essence, lipsticks, masks, food, and drinks. With a power of 110v and frequency of 60Hz, it makes sure to keep your beverages perfectly chilled. You can set it anywhere between -10º to 2ºF. Required fields are marked *. Given the fact, it ensures a noise-free operation. Gourmia GMF668 Thermoelectric Portable Mini Fridge, #5. With a water holding capacity of 4-liter, this small-sized fridge can be used to store food, snacks, drinks, milk, skincare products, and many more. The most attractive feature of this unit is its eraser door that can be used for writing down notes using regular markers. It comes with 2- detachable power chords to conveniently use in your car and at home. Its Freon free case makes it environmentally friendly making it safe to be used in the presence of both kids and pets. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The mini-fridge features a compact size, sleek design, and an inbuilt carry handle to conveniently carry it when you are on the go. Cooling lasts for the long term even if turned off. This model of the fridge is known for quick cooling and holding temperatures efficiently for a long time. If you’re concerned about its features, it is designed with a self-locking latch, a carry handle, and a removable shelf. To make the accessibility easier for you, it features an inset top handle. You May also Check: Top 6 Best Large Fridges or Large Refrigerators in 2020, 10- AstroAI Mini Fridge Portable AC/DC Powered. The thing that makes it look so alluring is its tempered glass front. The AstroAI is a portable compact mini Fridge. The Cooluli Portable Mini Fridge comes along with AC and DC adapters. Cooluli concord compact cooler mini fridge is a portable, stylish, lightweight, versatile, and features-packed fridge. Similarly, the Mini fridge features a well-founded AC/ DC power adapter mode that reliably switches between switch modes according to various use scenarios. Interestingly, it is designed with both AC and DC adaptors. AstroAI mini fridge features everything that you can ask for in a compact fridge. Likewise, Nostalgia delivers a versatile and compact mini refrigerator to keep your meals and drink close while in the bedroom, office, or traveling. Simply, get one of these remarkable mini fridges and enjoy all the freezing facilities. The cooling capacity of the fridge is 40-45ºF and the warming capacity is 122ºF to 144ºF. It should be easy for a person to relocate the equipment from one place to another with an easy go. it features 2 removable shelves. Portable Mini Fridge is one of the many convenient items specially made to satisfy exclusive human needs. AstroAI Mini Fridge 6 Liter/8 Can Skincare Fridge. This product can be used for keeping the stored items either cold or hot. Its 9 litters of capacity with 9.96 x 8.06 x 6.22-inch inner dimension make the fridge suitable for holding different food items, beverages, and skincare products. Similarly, the Mini fridge avails a powerful cooling and warming mode that requires only a switch to set the refrigerator according to the way you like. If you need a small-sized fridge with as much water capacity as the big fridges, OMORC mini fridge is the best choice for you. This type of fridge is designed ergonomically for proficient operation and portability. Not to forget, the fridge features a removable shelf and a container basket. Insulation: Insulation plays a major role in reducing heat transfer, and reduces energy consumption and making the refrigerator economical. Moreover, its reversible-swing door with a recessed handle makes accessibility easier too. Its product dimensions come as 7.25 W x 10.25 D x 10.75 H inches with a lightweight of only 4lbs and a well-founded removable shelf for easy cleaning. Nostalgia portable mini-refrigerators come with both DC and AC detachable power cords to ensure its unit conveniently works seamlessly with both home and 12-volt car standard outlets. If you want to enjoy a camping trip or picnic or even want to save some space at home then a portable mini fridge is designed for you to give you the best companion. Usually, these fridges are equipped with a thermostat button. The overall noise output of this unit is 25DB that is nearly unnoticeable. It is small only in size not in features. Portable mini fridge is one of the best electronics designed for keeping different food items and even beauty products chilled. Likewise, the Mini fridge features a well-founded AC and DC power adapters for both outdoor and indoor uses. Furthermore, it supports a capacity of 4L and has an interior dimension of 5 x 5 7.5 inches. The fridge is extremely small in size and can easily be moved around. Likewise, the Mini fridges are of high-quality, safe, and efficient for maximum functionality. This unit runs silently with noiseless then 25Db. The fridge is designed with a top handle that lets you easily hold and carry it wherever you want. Though, it is a fact that the use of a portable mini-refrigerator is occasional except there is a special need like in hotel rooms. 8- Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler. Not just that, the fridge is also designed with quiet technology that ensures noise-free operation of the fridge. This unit is a mini cooler and heater uses a thermoelectric cooling system with temperatures ranging from 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 155 degrees Fahrenheit. The portable mini refrigerator features a multi-functional design suitable for dormitories, cosmetics places, vehicles, offices, and bedrooms. Likewise, the Mini fridges feature a compact size locking system and an inbuilt carry handle to ease portability to different destinations. Yes, now you can take your fridge with you anywhere with its dual power mode. Its semiconductor operation also makes it energy-efficient, super quiet, and completely environment-friendly. Yes and no. Coming to the size, It is also small in size. Portability: Easy To Handle, easy to use is one of the most wanted features from a mini-fridge. It has a capacity of 4 Liters with an inner measurement of 5.3 × 5.7 × 8.3 inches to hold different beverages and food items. With the help of that, you can easily adjust the temperature of the fridge according to your needs. To keep the fridge off the floor, it is also equipped with little feet. 6 inches, Convenient, portable, and extra lightweight, 4-L capacity of reliable thermo-electric warmer or cooler, Holds six 12-ounce cans of beer, drinks, or soda, Measures 7.25 W x 10.25 D x 10.75 H inches. Its alluring design coupled with plenty of advanced features is truly irresistible. Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge… The fridge is equipped with a reversible door that makes it easy for the fridge in any congested area. Frigidaire EFMIS129-BLACK 6 Can Retro Mini Portable Personal Fridge/Cooler for Home, Office or... AstroAI Mini Fridge 4 Liter/6 Can AC/DC Portable Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer for Skincare,... Chefman Mini Portable Eraser Board Personal Fridge, Cools & Heats 4 Liter Capacity, Chills 6 12oz... Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer (4 Liter / 6 Can): AC/DC Portable Thermoelectric... Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge, Cools & Heats, 4 Liter Capacity, Chills 6 12oz... AstroAI Mini Fridge 12 Can Portable Electric Cooler and Warmer AC/DC for Bedroom, Food, Skincare,... Cooluli Classic White 10 Liter Compact Portable Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge for Bedroom, Office,... Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer - 4 Liter/6 Can - For Home,Office,... 6 Liter Compact Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge for Bedroom, Office, Car, Dorm, Frigidaire portable retro 6-can mini fridge Pink, Frigidaire portable retro 6-can mini fridge Black, Gourmia Mini Cooler and Warmer with an inbuilt Bluetooth Speaker. it features 1 full-width and 1 half-width door shelf that can accommodate 3-4 1 liter bottle and 1 tall bottle. Gourmia Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer | Gourmia portable 6-can mini fridge, 1. Given the fact, the fridge is incredibly lightweight and can be easily carried from one place to another. It also features a noise-free operation, maintains sound at 25dB therefore less distractions.

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