Train No.02187 Jabalpur – CSMT Mumbai Tri-weekly special will leave Jabalpur o­n every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 19.45 hrs from 03.10.2020 and arrive CSMT Mumbai at 12.20 hrs next day until further advice. Train Nos.04454/04453 Anand Vihar Terminal – Sitamarhi – Anand Vihar Terminal Festival Special Express Special Trains (02 Trips). Train No.05160 Durg – Chappra train will start from Durg at 20.25 hrs and will arrive Chappra at 21.50 hrs. HaltingThe special will run as per the existing timings and stoppages of 12847/12848 Howrah-Digha-Howrah Express. (Train No. The train will be from 13.10.2020. – Jabalpur Jn. 06333 Veraval – Trivandrum Weekly Express Special will leave from Veraval at 06:40 hrs every Thursday from 10.12.2020 until further advice. 0648) would leave Nagercoil on Sunday at 3.30 p.m., arrive in Madurai at 8.35 p.m. and reach Bangalore at 9 a.m. on Monday. 06002 Dr. MGR Chennai Central – New Jalpaiguri o­ne-Way special train will leave Dr. MGR Chennai Central at 23.00 hrs o­n 05.11.2020 and reach New Jalpaiguri at 17.00 hrs o­n 07.11.2020. Kota Jn 02:55 hrs (Arr) 03:05 hrs (Dep) (Day Two), Ratlam Jn 07:05 hrs (Arr) 07:10 hrs (Dep) (Day Two), Vadodara Jn 11:01 hrs (Arr) 11:20 hrs (Dep) (Day Two), Vasai Road 16:20 hrs (Arr) 16:25 hrs (Dep) (Day Two), Panvel 17:55 hrs (Arr) 18:00 hrs (Dep) (Day Two), Ratnagiri 23:00 hrs (Arr) 23:05 hrs (Dep) (Day Two), Madgaon 02:15 hrs (Arr) 02:25 hrs (Dep) (Day Three), Mangaluru Jn 08:00 hrs (Arr) 08:10 hrs (Dep) (Day Three), Kozhikkode 11:27 hrs (Arr) 11:30 hrs (Dep) (Day Three), Kozhikkode 02:47 hrs (Arr) 02:50 hrs (Dep) (Day Two), Mangaluru Jn 06:10 hrs (Arr) 06:20 hrs (Dep) (Day Two), Madgaon 12:00 hrs (Arr) 12:10 hrs (Dep) (Day Two), Ratnagiri 16:50 hrs (Arr) 16:55 hrs (Dep) (Day Two), Panvel 22:25 hrs (Arr) 22:30 hrs (Dep) (Day Two), Vasai Road 00:00 hrs (Arr) 00:10 hrs (Dep) (Day Three), Vadodara Jn 05:13 hrs (Arr) 05:31 hrs (Dep) (Day Three), Ratlam Jn 09:10 hrs (Arr) 09:15 hrs (Dep) (Day Three), Kota Jn 12:50 hrs (Arr) 12:55 hrs (Dep) (Day Three). Train No 09022 Lucknow – Bandra (T) special will leave Lucknow every Sunday at 23.35 hrs w.e.f 18.10.2020, to arrive Bandra (T) at 08.00 hrs o­n Tuesday. and reach Ernakulam Jn at 07.00 hrs. in between Bandikui and Bikaner and 02388 Bikaner – Howrah special will stop at Deshnok (19.16 hrs. Train No.03414 Delhi Jn – Malda Town special train will depart from Delhi Jn. Train No.04458 New Delhi – Patna Jn train will depart from New Delhi at 21.00 hrs and will reach Patna Jn at 15.30 hrs. On June 10, 2020, two special trains from Bangalore were scheduled to travel to New Delhi and Hubli respectively. Train No.03186 Jaynagar-Sealdah Festival Special (via Naihati) will leave Jaynagar at 16:00 hrs. Non-Monsoon Timings (from 01/11/2020 onwards) : HaltingNarsinghpur, Gadarwara, Pipariya, Itarsi Jn., Harda, Khandwa, Bhusaval Jn. Train No.01417 Pune-Nagpur AC weekly special train will leave Pune from 15.10.2020 o­n every Thursday till further advise and arrive Nagpur next day. Train No.03241 Banka – Rajendranagar Festival Special will leave Banka from 23.11.2020 to 1.12.2020 except Sunday (8 trips). the same day. o­n the next day. Train No 02833 Ahmedabad-Howrah Special will leave Ahmedabad every Friday, Monday and Wednesday w.e.f 18.09.2020 at 00.15 hrs and will reach Howrah at 13.30 hrs o­n the third day. This train will run from 28.10.2020 to 02.12.2020. the next day. The train will be from 25.10.2020 to 29.11.2020. Train No.09306 Kamakhya – Dr Ambedkar Nagar special will leave Kamakhya every Sunday at 05.35 hrs w.e.f 18.10.2020, to reach Dr Ambedkar Nagar at 06.05 hrs o­n Tuesday.

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