Please refer to our link Autism Symptoms Checklist for information on how to use this form. The CAST is a 37-item, parent rating scale of behavioral indicators of possible Asperger Syndrome. The Autism Behavior Checklist (ABC) is one component of the Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning (ASIEP) and is the only one that has been evaluated psychometrically. Sensory Behavior; Social Relating; Body and Object Use; Language and Communication Skills; Social and Adaptive Skills XXX ’s parents and the educational team at . XXX Nonresponsive Behavior r = 0.81, Infant-like Behavior r = 0.68, Aggressive Behavior r = 0.66, Stereotypical Behavior r = 0.63, Echolalic Speech r = 0.74 Alternate factors identified Eaves, Campbell, & Chambers (2006) Mean age autistic – 96.81 mos. The scale utilizes an observer’s rating of the child’s behavior to quantify behaviors typically associated with Autism. A CAST cut-off score of 15 or greater indicates the need for further Administrator: Parent/Caregiver evaluation. Autism Behavior Checklist (ABC) Krug, Arick, & Almond (2008) 2 to 14: Subtest of the ASIEP-3. The Autism Behavior Checklist (ABC) is a checklist of non-adaptive behaviors; capable of providing how an individual “Looks” in comparison to others. The ABC is a 57-item behavior rating scale assessing the behaviors and symptoms of autism for children 3 and older. The Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) and Autistic Behavior Checklist (ABC) are the most commonly used assessment scales for diagnosing autism. The Autism Behavior Checklist (ABC) was designed to offer a method to more objectively identify autism in children. Yields cutoff score ranges based on different diagnoses: 10-20 min. XXX . Parent or teacher may complete. Childhood Autism Rating Scale, Second Edition (CARS 2) Nonautistic – 126.09 months 107 Criterion- … School completed the check lists. This checklist reflects an individual’s challenges to respond appropriately to daily life situation. • Results are reported based on an overall score. Items are scored as present/absent. A 57-item questionnaire; yes/no format. Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (M-CHAT) M-CHAT Scoring Guides If the child fails the M-CHAT, and you live in the United States, then make a special education referral to the Early Intervention program at the school district in which the child lives.

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