It has an impedance of 100Ω. The shock mount means I don’t have to worry about rumble from outside influences as much, so this just rounds off the whole setup. The attenuation pad lowers the overall gain of the mic by 10 dB. Let the games begin…. The answer, though seemingly complicated, is a no-brainer. The AT2035 might sound nicer on acoustic guitars due to its slightly emphasized higher range and general crispness. Starting with the treble, we can see that AT2020 has a definite and clear increase starting at roughly 15 kHz and ending at 3500 Hz. If you’re looking to buy one of these, this data is crucial to look at in order to make an informed decision that fits your needs. Published with WordPress. Both of these microphones are condenser mics meaning they require phantom power to run. A comparison of two Audio Technica microphones. Copyright © Synaptic Sound. He's been mixing and producing for the past 10 years, as well as mixing audio for live events. The AT2035 comes with a shock mount where the AT2020 does not. The AT2035 also features a -10dB pad and a HPF (High Pass Filter). There are just some slight differences in the shapes of the pickup patterns on the rear sides of the microphone. What you will need? But is one still better? The AT2035 is the big brother to its cheaper counterpart. The flat bass response makes it ideal for ASMR and spoken word with a very ‘up close and personal’ feel. Each one has its own flavor and one is never enough. The AT2035 looks to have a slight edge in the warmth vs the AT2020 (with filter switched off). Both microphones handle guitars, cabinets and acoustic instruments as well as vocals with ease. The 2035 wins out on many of these, which may be reflected in its higher price tag. This also means you will have to apply less gain to your signal so less of the noise floor will be amplified. He also plays drums, guitar and bass. Required fields are marked *. The At2020 vs AT2035. These ultimately add to the flexibility and capability that the 2035 has over the 2020. Personally, I prefer the AT2035. This is the resistance of the microphone. There are a lot of videos and reviews on Audio Technica’s AT2020 vs the AT2035. As with the 2020, the 2035 also has a nice boost roughly between 15 kHz and 3500 Hz. The sensitivity of this microphone is -37dB. There are a lot of videos and reviews on Audio Technica’s AT2020 vs the AT2035. The lowest point in bass response for the 2020 is between -4 and -5 dB at 80 Hz. The AT2035 is the superior device, with better clarity, ease of use, and more natural recording and sounding capability. Let’s get started. If the 2035 is giving you a muddy sound, it’s nice to know that you can switch on the filter to cut back on post-processing and EQ work in the future. On the other hand, there are definitely mics that are more specialized. Chris studied Audio Engineering at SAE in New Zealand. Phantom power is generally standardized at 48V. If you don’t mind spending that little bit extra and getting a few more features, then the AT2035 is the one for you. About Us Page, AT2020 is an all-round workhouse mic because it works so well with many different applications in your studio. In the low-end, we can really see the effects of the -12 dB per octave roll-off filter. The attenuation pad lowers the overall gain of the mic by 10 dB. Some other critical differences between the AT2020 vs the AT2035 lie in the 2035s -10 dB pad and -12 dB per octave high-pass filter at 80 Hz. But what are the differences and how good are these mics to begin with? One thing to point out would be the flatter bass response on the AT2035. This boost of 1 to 2 dB adds a subtle sparkle and brightness to the sound of the AT2020. Ratings/Price; Specifications; Summary; Sound Test (AT2020 only) Pros; Cons; Video Review; Who this mic benefits? I’d expect these mics to have identical sensitivity when recording sound from the front. This filter has a cutoff frequency of 80 Hz, and it can help to cut back on any added muddiness that the AT2035 may have over the 2020. Although these mics are very similar on a basic level, they both sound different at the end of they day and that is the important part! Its sensitivity is -33dB meaning it’s a hotter signal for your mixer or interface. ), 9 Best XLR Cables For Home Recording (2020), The price/performance standard in side address studio condenser microphone technology, Ideal for project/home studio applications; The noise level is 20 db SPL, High spl handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatched versatility, Custom engineered low mass diaphragm provides extended frequency response and superior transient response. Both of these microphones are condenser mics meaning they require phantom power to run. The 2035 is slightly taller. Just like the AT2020, The AT2035 is a cardioid condenser microphone, which means that it is going to need phantom power in order to work properly. Synaptic Sound was founded in April 2018 as an educational and informational resource for electronic music producers, DJs, and enthusiasts. They utilize an electret design, which means the back plates that form the capsule along with the diaphragm are permanently charged. The specs for these mics contain quite a few differences. Both microphones have comparable designs, but the difference is noticeable when it comes to performance. The dynamic range of this microphone is 124dB. I didn’t mind spending $50 for these extra features but some may just not need them. Whatever you pick, make sure you think of its current and future applications. These mics differ slightly in their frequency response curves. This allows you to record louder sounds by basically adding 10 dB to the 2035s max SPL specification, bringing it from 148 dB SPL without the pad to 158 dB SPL with the pad activated. They look quite similar, but the 2035 includes some features that you may or may not find useful. All rights reserved. I find this makes it better for vocals than the AT2020 and with its lower signal to noise ratio, pulling the mic back to capture a bit more of the room sound can be really nice. These ultimately add to the flexibility and capability that the 2035 has  over the 2020.

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