Paste as plain text instead, × 1976 51. Enjoy it.   Pasted as rich text. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Alvarez is my second greatest love next to Walden guitars, so if you like it, you got a great deal. Any hints? 1971 46. 1974 49. I bought it used in a local music store and didnt look at the model or anything just picked it up and played it and loved it, now im just curious about it. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Try contacting them directly. This is stamped inside "handmade in Japan." ya i found it, it has similar features but my pick gaurd is red instead of black and it has like peroloid circle around the soundhole instead of plain black. Congrats! Worth approx $200 - $250 on used market if in good condition. The serial number is 1611 so while I cannot get an exact date, it does seem to be early one. First, narrow it down by the country of origin. The body is a burgundy, with rose and dove design. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Display as a link instead, × You should see a label like this: Get the model number and google it, that should tell everything about the guitar. It has the date inside 1-3-74 with model 50-24. ", Supposedly Alvarez used the Emperor year.. Serial dating is easiest for instruments made in the USA or Mexico, but is also possible for those made in Japan, Korea, China, and Indonesia. The bridge has adjustable saddles with pearloid inlays. Upload or insert images from URL. Look inside the sound hole. From what I gathered the previous owner, he purchased it new in early 70's. There can still be confusion, unless you know your models... since 09 was also used in 1997 as the 9th year of reign of Emperor Heisa. Alvarez Guitar Identification Alvarez Guitar Identification. i just had to post it before i forgot about it. The number one source of guitar and amplifier pricing and information so you can find the price and value of your used guitars and amplifier. Being sold locally also. Hope this helps. Find the current Blue Book value and worth of your new and used guitars, both acoustic, electric and amplifier. Hey, i was wondering if there is anyway to find what model of guitar i have? The defects are a couple of scratches and minor marks. 1970 Showa 45. It is in near mint condition with very minor scratches. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Brands such as Gibson, Fender, PRS or other renowned brands also issue a certificate of authenticity, but this can also be used for fraud. … 1982 57. We have some people who are pretty good at this kind of thing but I don't think they are THAT good. I found an Alvarez 5022 a few weeks ago in a pawn shop..very nice trying to date this, it appears that the serial numbers are not helpful. All laminate Dreadnought style. 1978 53. You'll see a lot of people claiming that they have, or are selling, 70's …   Your link has been automatically embedded. i cant post a decent picture right now....ill revive this in a day or two with a picture. • I have the same guitar model 50-24 by: Anonymous I have the same model Alvarez Guitar I bought it back in the early 70's for just under $350.00. Straight-up ask them cause it's confusing with such unfamiliar dating techniques. 1980 55. A.D. Emperor Year. A.D. Emperor Year. 1975 50. Both K. Yairi and early Alvarez Yairi models used the Emperor dating code...these are the numbers stamped on the heelblock of the guitar. Cookies help us deliver our Services.   You cannot paste images directly. For US instruments, the serial number will start with a letter. (old model number was 5050) Serial number 6543. • Press J to jump to the feed. I have another Alvarez from 1981-2, that adjusts in the sound-hole. Supposedly Alvarez used the Emperor year.. This is a place where fellow guitarists are encouraged to share their gear, playing, and opinions in a casual setting, as well as partake in discussion to cultivate further interest in the passion we all share. As you can see from the response from SLM, the headstock truss-rod adjustment was on the earliest Alvarez guitars. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Please feel free to ask any questions. Share Followers 0. I have an Alvarez Yairi 6 string classical guitar CY120 model made in 1974. Your IP: I have a photo of the sound hole decal and think this might be helpful for dating. 1977 52. An authorized dealer will certainly not … Members; frankiej 0 Posted December 12, 2007. frankiej. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Fender Serial Dating. 1973 48. Specifications : string configuration: 6 String ; model : 5043; country/region of manufacture: Japan; brand: ALVAREZ; Ratings: … It will … read more also has a serial number if that would help. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. 1972 47. Guru; Members; 0 11,407 posts; Members ; Share; Posted December 12, 2007. Sounds like you got a great deal. There are a few exceptions, especially after 1999, when they started to change how they date them. By By frankiej, December 12, 2007 in Acoustic Guitars. 1981 56. × Hey, i was wondering if there is anyway to find what model of guitar i have? I can't find much info online. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.   Your previous content has been restored. That letter indicates the decade. On Alvarez (older) models, the SN is of no use in dating, as these were made in several different factories in Japan (early 1970's into early 1980's)...and if there were ever any records kept by the factories, they don't know where they are now. You can post now and register later. If a serial number is not in the lists or is not recognized in the serial number decoder, it does not mean that the guitar is a fake. I have not a clue what kind of alvarez it is, and have looked on the website and didnt see anything that looks like it. The chart below can tell you what the year is: conflicting reports of accuracy, some think this only applies to Yairi guitars, which you have there. The chart below can tell you what the year is: conflicting reports of accuracy, some think this only applies to Yairi guitars, which you have there.

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