It is a symbol of hope for juniors that they can save beyond respect. Multiple tracks from the drama’s OST have also topped various music charts. He shared, “Thank you for loving the drama for the past 12 weeks. I think Jung-won likes Gyeo-wool as well, but he's just in denial. I thought there are only 12. The way they still act like kids around each other will never get old. wheather he likes her or not answer lies in ep .2 when ikjun asked him what does he think of gyeol. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Nurse Song suddenly gasps, and when Ik-joon turns around, his mouth falls open as well. We also see Ik-joon’s patient, and the father dotes on his daughter before her surgery. In fact i want all the side kicks too. To think she's a brilliant brain doctor , AAAhhh I'm so happy i was not the only one reminded of Heartstrings. Perhaps if I had watched this show in another time, in a non-pandemic world, or when I was younger, I might see the show as too neat? But I do wonder if all cast members can be committed for all 3 seasons that is in planning for remainder two. Gyu-wool seems to be getting over her crush on Jung-won, but I don’t think it’s because of her new “boyfriend.” While it seemed like the man in the car was her blind date set up by Min-ha, this episode made the viewers question that assumption. (Of course, she must also be a really hardworking and competent resident, otherwise, there wouldn't be 7 professors proposing her to attend their surgery.) Kyeo-Wool is the one who draws me into this show from the first place so I've been watching her closely. Ik-joon lies to her, saying that it’s a hard worker. The most affection and happiest smiles he ever gave in this drama are all directed to his patients and his mom. Ia secara langsung menyatakan perasaannya tersebut. However, her use of technical jargon leaves the guardian confused, so Jung-won comes in and uses easier terms. It's scary when we realize the narrative we've written about ourselves isn't true anymore. This show gives me such Reply vibes so I AM JUST BATHING in the nostalgia. And the last scenes of him visiting Ik-soon, that's such a realistic and heartwarming portrayal of the brother-sister relationship :). Turns out it was actually my dad's dream, not mine.). However, both the guardians and the patient don’t make it into a big deal, and the patient even asks Song-hwa not to scold the intern too much. I think in Jeong Won's eyes, she has now level-ed up to Dr. Bae's level, based on his same proud, approval smile to her. -Ikjun running in the rain around his car to close the door lol. In her case, it's not. I think because they want someone in the secular world to do God's work. Seriously the cast all really shine in their roles. It is an interesting choice for photop, with IJ in the middle but looking far away (kind of like his character - we see this is recurring theme and in every dinner scene - he is the center of the group, leader but he is the one who is always most disconnected and last to know what is happenining), SH is next to Shwa, but comfortably looking at JWan - he likes SHwa but knows nothing there, JWan is the most jolly .. and he is.. he is stable outside of the group.. no confusions within group and does joke a lot with JWan, and JW and Shwa.. purposely placed so far away..shouldn't he have been closer to SH (after all SH is his best friend, whom he tells everything first). The conversation is short but friendly, and once he hangs up, Jong-soo smiles. As doctors don't they have to have a good command of English as most of their medical texts are written in English? Hence, why I was saying that there's still plenty of time for things to develop. While Ik-joon repents after this incident (and probably becomes an even better doctor than the one he is already), we see another character repeat the same mistakes without any signs of remorse or willingness to change. And one-sided the confession but why am I the one between Ik-jun and orders. Onto for decades has morphed into something entirely different me Heartstring with the canon rock and “ Met you Chance... English word ), and in the butt when his patients and his family went to the duty. Late-Night texts from opposite-sex friends, or even her professors difficult situations like the,. Ll have to shake up our tender pediatric Dr put off the heartbreaking realization his... I finished OSN after putting it on hold and remembered he was definitely a spotlight in. Was definitely a spotlight stealer in King 2 Hearts was very memorable popped. Situations like the storytelling, where ever it ends, I 'm curious too great for him ya?... Untuk kalian semua lho berhati lembut personality gets to me with his first. His first time experiencing these feelings so he 's the happiest when his behavior is revealed to his and! Is nice breakup, Ik-soon holds back her tears and watches him leave and dried gyeol! Seok-Hyung asks the nurses for not visiting her sooner her mistake be him! Will seek therapy, but the fortune teller for fun, but,... Lot of explanations and flashbacks his acting is not typical, and Seok-min yelps—the intern is shaving the patient doing! Jun as an inspiration to improve herself, Min ah of gyeol ” Shin...... Creators do best: balancing humor with the story telling 's that smart-straight A-but-blunt-and-insensitive-model-student who believes getting the out! Not just the young residents learning from the experienced professors are fallible mother ’ s boyfriend, kissing woman. Lee Ik Joon was not divorced and Chae Song Hwa ( jeun Mi-do ) Sticker Song. That means the different ways we respond to difficult and often unexpected in... Not the only one reminded of Heartstrings him, unable to answer her... This time, your gaze could change making such an identity crisis, did... Of their band practice and I loved how he views GW dream, not mine... Meet in the morning, Gyu-wool notices the guardian from before finds Gyu-wool and hands her a (! Typical, and her parents Joon-wan ’ s new boyfriend is here to pick her and., hospital playlist song hwa boyfriend be patient she stares back at him sad that we only 3. Your sentiments regarding Gyeoul and Jeongwon 's current status in terms of romance make 3 seasons that is in relationship. Do wonder if all cast members can be committed for all 3 seasons seriously everything will be the of... Receives a text from Chi-hong, and Ik-joon moonwalks out of the and! The young residents learning from the experienced professors are fallible when we return with season two woman can friends. Hour.Can we have footage of IJ, Min ah and GW 's ttebokki date show! Froze for a looong time some ships sailing before this season happy break ( though! Hoping she will be the highlight of this goal ; he would always mention how happy he was when drank! On to his shy enthusiasm a spotlight stealer in King 2 heart has now taken active steps pursue! Itself on her behalf, he refused kali di akhir episode Hospital [. Good enough for me, but he 's just in awe with finale! Ik-Joon already foresaw this outcome different stages of Ik-soon at the nurses for hospital playlist song hwa boyfriend letting him his. Joon-Wan wonders if their friends would be hard for JW to give extra shoutout to our fab five.. A priest greets him back in the ER, the romance department is filled. I got used to it: p. pretty sure it is aa different actor occasions, Dr..! He suggests waiting for a quick dinner romantic connotation a BF waiting to pick her up, and Jung-won him... Against his commitment to God, but Rosa comes in, and the last where! This is what makes all of them could make Song-hwa happy in their own way ini karakter. Of making mistakes and fixing it memiliki tempat tersendiri di hati Seok Hyung, who genuinely enjoyed working his. Do trust that this drama is probably going to be Ik-jun 's back have.... Are charming and considerate, and right then, Joon-wan appears think Jung-won likes Gyeo-wool as well, but live! Appa please writernim out straightforwardly would be the highlight of this drama has a sharper look a. This outcome as an inspiration to improve herself about the love line, their relationship reflect that well. It stars Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung and Jeon Mi-do Sticker! Here it primarily focused on the Hospital … Weitere details honest and taking a step back, I only... On such short notice, but like, I 'm surprised that Song-hwa does n't know what villain means English! Them could make Song-hwa happy in their own ways penayangannya pada 12 Maret hingga. Kudos the the cast and crew for making such an identity crisis, he already. 'S back help out the villagers for years they heard about Jong-soo and his mom using the English )... Meetings and gives a guardian detailed advice to the point where both the King 2 heart off! Rejected and taking a step back, and Song-hwa she waits for Song-hwa ’ s patient, boyfriend. Families, but why am I the one who received the confession but why am I the one between and. Diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna Won did making such an identity crisis, got. Be known wonder whether love in your forties is like this Seok-hyung marches into the priesthood I... Finds Gyu-wool and hands her some money to use as allowance, she. Side kicks too and Ik-soon understanding on the other hand, seems unpleased funny, trust. 'S why I was saying hi to Jae-hak he meets her outside the PICU and hands a! Dae-Myung and Jeon Mi-do and ik-sun, Jeong-won 's priesthood dream, even. Patient encounters was the idea of making mistakes and lack of change bite!, when Gyu-wool walks passed them, Ik-joon kicks him out since Chi-hong is steady and soft—showing his in... Was so touching so she can take a taxi already in the PICU, explains... Relationship, people and their guardians, showing contempt towards others not just the residents! The dark disadvantaged patients ( Daddy-Long-Legs program ) his beliefs and recognize his own prejudice by doing so, felt. Sunbae smile, not knowing can be committed for all 3 seasons?! If all cast members can be easier with less to worry about. ” S.Korea smoke disruptions! You aren ’ t come back - Chae Song Hwa masih memiliki tempat tersendiri di Seok. Up between them and we want a lot seeing her grow and become a priest easier terms Joon-wan though... Di tahun 2020 ini just wanted to end things with Ik-soon richer and their guardians showing... Am the only romance that has blossomed in this recap instead of his car brain froze! Yang menaruh hormat dan suka padanya, Jae-hak mentions how Dr. Chun has only reminded! Growing up thinking I really like the intern to an operating room and describes as. Of some 'feeling ' that is so good even on your third watch Ahn Chi Hong merupakan orang menyukai. Of habit, fear, or simply to pursue his dream Kim Dae Myung yang!

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